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Tia's 8th year..

It's the 25th day of Ramadan and it is also your birthday Tia! Happy birthday Tia!!

So last year, you didn't really get to roam the school as much as you wanted. Just so you know, I was worried that by the end of the 3rd semester 2021/22, when asked which you prefer between face-to-face and online, you picked online as your first choice. Mi-mi pray that you will change back to your original love for physical school.

For the past one year, with online school and so those Miyam, you actually helped me a lot in engaging with Miyam. Each time when she had her 30 minutes online class session, you helped me out to set up everything for her. Thank you for that Tia.

You have always been carefree and high-spirited. We all notice that you are a fast learner. It is a good thing. Then again, my worry is because, you learn to play more new games too. 😅😅 It's not that I don't want to not let you play.. it is just that I don't like to see you or Cheche, or Koko to be caught up with too much games.

Tia, this is a photo of you and your resolution for 2022. I want you to know that I am proud that you are able to come out with thoughtful azam. Yes Tia, you are a thoughtful daughter. Mi-mi pray that you will be able to give your very best to work on your azam. 😻

In case the future you are wondering, why the number 2.. well.. hehe.. I shall leave that to you asking the future me about that item. 😋😋

Between you and Cheche-Koko, things have somewhat changed now that you are able to play the game they are playing, reading comics they are reading, enjoying the memes they love.. so yeah.. alhamdulillah. 

Continue to be good and do good Tia. We love ya! 



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