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Be polite

It started off just like any other day. The only difference that day was - it was raining quite heavily.  Tia, Miyam and I were then in the car on our way to school when this conversation sparked. ** Miyam: Mi-mi, is it easy to drive a car? Me: If you learned how to drive, then it will be easy.. remember, just like you when you were at Legoland - you learned to drive at that baby driving school? Miyam: Yes mi-mi. Me: Maybe if I buy that Legoland car, you can drive to school!  (at this point, I was just trying to pull her leg) Miyam: But mi-mi, if not I will be wet~ Me: Hmm.. then I will buy one with the roof on it! Miyam: But mi-mi, later, I won't be able to get inside~ Me: ..then I will try to find one with the door so that you can get inside.. just like a real car! Miyam: But mi-mi, what if there's no more battery?~ Me: ..we just have to charge it at home! Miyam: But mi-mi, then how do I want to get to school if I have to drive to school then drive back home to charge the

Moving out?

Please trust me when I said that I had so many brilliant topics to write about but there wasn't enough time (yes, I still need to work on my sleep pattern for the extra hours 😂). The way I tricked myself into thinking that I'd wrote it down (read: flushed it out) was by saying it "out loud" under my breath. The only downside of it is that I don't get to share it with my kidos. That was also the time when it struck me, that maybe I should call off blogging. I haven't fully decided just yet.. but definitely soon. 😘👌

Miyam's 5th

(Just noticed that I didn't complete the draft. Sorry Ami.. hehe [rescheduled date from Aug 2022]) Happy Birthday Miyam! You might not remember, but this year with schools opening you have been eager to go to school (best kan Miyam jumpa kawan2). No more baby cry or merajuk at the gate (err.. perhaps, maybe once). Since you went to school, for some reasons you were getting a lot of birthday treats from your classmates. So what did we do? - We also worked a plan together on what to give to your friends. At first you want to give your friends colouring books (unicorn and dinosaur) but after you got the magnetic set from yaya, we changed right? You choose the magnetic alphabet. I think it is cute. Hmmm.. let me see.. from 4 years to 5 years.. how have you changed? Getting more independent perhaps is the number one although you still insist having yeChe to go mandi with you 😄. Your drawings have more cats character (yup you still love cats the most). You asked more questions too and s

Tia's 8th year..

It's the 25th day of Ramadan and it is also your birthday Tia! Happy birthday Tia!! So last year, you didn't really get to roam the school as much as you wanted. Just so you know, I was worried that by the end of the 3rd semester 2021/22, when asked which you prefer between face-to-face and online, you picked online as your first choice. Mi-mi pray that you will change back to your original love for physical school. For the past one year, with online school and so those Miyam, you actually helped me a lot in engaging with Miyam. Each time when she had her 30 minutes online class session, you helped me out to set up everything for her. Thank you for that Tia. You have always been carefree and high-spirited. We all notice that you are a fast learner. It is a good thing. Then again, my worry is because, you learn to play more new games too. 😅😅 It's not that I don't want to not let you play.. it is just that I don't like to see you or Cheche, or Koko to be caught up w


I remember talking to a colleague about life and kids in which she stated that at times, she felt like wanting to be away from all her kids, wanting to drop everything and just leave. Knowing her, I was very surprised. She is the kind of a sweet mother who gives it all to her kids. I know for sure she adores all her children. Then came the covid. The term "burn-out" was used much too often. With everything reached out mostly through the network and from home, working time became hay-wire. I thought I could relate to what my colleague had once shared with me.  As I am typing this, the only sound I could hear right now are the tapping sound of the keyboard, some bird's singing voice from time to time, the trickling water drop from the fish tank as the water flowing from its pump and the soft swirling sound from the rotating fan. Yes, the house is too quiet. This is how a Sunday morning would be when we are all at home. I usually allow them to sleep in.. I didn't plan to

Covid strikes back~

Who have watched Sing 2? If you have.. then you might be able to relate better. If you haven't, you might still be able to relate since it has a same line as Sing 1 BUT.. ..but less depressing as Jia has put it. As Sing 1, by the end of the movie, there will be a full performance by Mr Moon's team. I remember telling the kids after watching Sing 2, "the "unplanned", made their performance better right?" ( if you haven't watched and planning to watch, this is when you skip the next lines and jump straight to the next paragraph ) If Klaus didn't decide to come down to the stage to battle out with Johnny, Johnny might still having issue not believing in himself. He then won't be able to do what he did at the end. Little did he know, he pulled off a better ending for the Planet of War.  If Mr Crystal had not thrown Mr Moon, Rosita would not be able to conquer her fear of height, and unable to jump from the platform. She brave herself and leaped off t

What good change are you planning to do this year?

Since the last couple of days, "Happy New Year" wishes have been streaming in. Call it a routine, but the netizens have started to storm the social media with hilarious and creative memes (what Malaysians are very good at) or admirable posts reflecting the year 2021. Others choose to flood the platforms with prayers, hoping for a kinder and better year in 2022.  Going through the year-end postings, I came down to one solid conclusion. No offense to Jay Livingston, but for once, I have concluded that Malaysians have demonstrated that we disagree with the literal meaning of the lyrics “Que Sera, Sera; What will be, will be”. The year 2021 will forever be remembered (at least to me) as the year where Malaysian citizens take charge and not resort to “whatever will be, will be”. Indeed, I am referring to the efforts and initiatives of the majority of Malaysian citizens helping those in need during this tough time whether during the lockdown which took place earlier this year o