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So siapa PM kita ni?

With TSMY tendered his resignation (1st March 2020 - 16th August 2021), it also brought his chosen inflated cabinets down along with him making it official on the fall of Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional. #PN It was interesting to see the evolution of hashtags updated by angry netizens when it comes to PN. From..  #kerajaanpintubelakang i.e. when PN was formed by taking backdoor approach dissolving the Rakyat selected government to ..  #kerajaanbodoh i.e. with the everchanging and double standard SOPs by MKN and other ministers making not-so-clever statement and resolutions  to ..  #kerajaangagal i.e. with the Darurat and multiple lockdowns in place but the number of Covid cases still went up because MITI allows factories and even the high-end L0uis 7uiton bag brand to run as usual. There were also increased cases of suicide. At this point, Rakyat worked on white flag campaign to spot those who needed help. PN ministers dismissed the initiative including TSMY who ridiculed the idea and

Quick Post! Siapa PM Malaysia ke-9?

In less than 24 hours, TSMY is said to be tendering his resignation as the 8th Prime Minister.  (Source: Malay Mail twitter feed) To be honest, there is soooo much for me to write. InsyaAllah, if I rajin , I will complete all the drafts ( dah tak tau where to start and where to stop 😂😂😂).  So yesterday, in one of the sharing by Abg Is, he mentioned four names that might replace TSMY. DSAI Ku Li Tun M TSMY He also mentioned that, it didn't really matter that much since, in less than 2 years, Rakyat will be voting again in GE15. To be honest, I personally have, according to my preferences, whom I DO NOT want to see in the main lineup . They are: the pioneer frogs who jumped ship for power and money; those who didn't do the job well or spoke nonsense or being disrespectful to others; those who went for holidays and manage to get away due to double standard SOPs; hypocrites. As of this post being composed, words have traveled that it might be Ismail Sabri as PM and Hamzah as DPM

Are we really dead when we are sleeping?

The first time the question of " are we really dead " was asked happened a few months back, sometime in May. Tia was having her pentaksiran for Akhlaq subject where she had to memorised daily supplications. That night, I asked her to read out loud to doa before going to bed and its meaning. With everyone lying on the bed, ready to sleep, Tia quickly read the doa followed by the English translation which she had learnt from her kindergarten. Tia : ..with Your Name, I live and I die.. Aamiin! Miyam :  (in a weary tone)  Huh? "Die".. but I don't want to die.  For some reason, when Miyam said it that way, I felt my heart tightened. I hugged her, avoiding her eyes. Me : (still hugging Miyam) Actually.. when you go to bed and fell asleep, you are actually 'dead' (forcing a smile). Do you know Miyam, last time.. at the hospital.. when there was no 'medicine' to make the pain go away, they have to make the people they want to 'cut' (read: operate

Faraid in Islam - is it fair?

The first time I mentioned the term " faraid " or inheritance in this blog was when Jia asked me 'that' question ( click here  to read about 'that' question). 😅 It was, however, just a brief mention.. When I recall back, I remember attending one talk where it was mentioned of a hadith which stated that " faraid " will be the first knowledge (' ilm ) that will be 'removed' from that face of this earth when the time finally comes. That statement really stuck in my head. I knew I have read it in the Qur'an and I am confident that Allah will preserve the al-Qur'an. So my brain was asking - how can this be? How is it even possible especially when it is in the Protected and Sacred Book? My mistake was to stow the questions away. I didn't remember asking the speaker nor looking into it. A few years later, a young man knocked on my 'opened' office door (yup, I have always preferred to open my office door). He requested a few