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My Daddy~

Note: I have drafted this entry but it was left as draft. Today, I saw a tweet that said something about "middle class" and Daddy's old workplace which triggered me to finalise this draft and publish this post. So here goes.. an entry about my Daddy. *** So it was official.. 15th August 2020 Daddy finally made the announcement we 'kids' have been waiting for. Yes, he finally decided to retire. This is his second call of retirement and he did it! Ntah kenapa, sebak when Ummi sent this photo. Daddy always said that if he was not working for that Jabatan doing road construction jobs, he would have been a successful farmer.. we all knew that he would have. 😊   Daddy started working as hard labour at the age of 18. Daddy would tell stories of how he worked and save his small earnings to give some to his parents, a little more to pay for Ummi's school fees and a little for himself. At times he said when he had no money left, his Malay friends were kind to loan hi

Re-post: Decluttering~ memories~

Life has been pretty much interesting for me. Between my last entry and this very minute, many important events had taken place. Most were with joy. Some with tears. A few with grits. Anyway, since early this week, my mind has been transfixed by one particular idea - how does our memory works?  In many separate occasions, I've told Yaby that there were times when I couldn't be 100% sure if the 'footage' played at the back of my head were from my memories OR simply my imagination OR some 'clips' taken from my dreams. I knew some people could swear that they had a dream but couldn't remember a single detail presented in their dreams (Yaby is one of them). Oh how I envy these people just because the fact that I felt that my memories have been tainted by my dreams. In soOOOooOOoo many of my dreams, I could remember the storylines, backgrounds, characters in great details. Some even came with background music! Grrr... Of course, I could tell for s