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Bahim's special milestone

Happy 9th Birthday Bahim! May Allah continue to bless you with a good heart, good character, good knowledge and everything else! Aamiin... So this year you agreed that you will be circumcised. I can tell Cheche is the most excited of the whole event. She put this note on my to do list.. you can tell that she's enjoying it! I guess many others too like Papa Asrul who said that, after you circumcised once, you need to do it with more times before you can be Super Bahim. Pak Lang also said something which I cannot remember. Hehe Hehehe.. we all pray that it will be a smooth procedure. Bismillah... 😘😘 Besides having to sunat this year, I said that this year is important since it will also mean that you are going to move to a more serious age - 10! Yes Bahim! 10 years means that you need to be more responsible. You need to care for your time even more OK Bahim. That aside.. let me see.. at school, I saw an improvement in how you are able to communicate with

Get industries and universities to work together

Article published in New Strait Times THE philosophy of our education, from kindergarten to university, as defined by Falsafah Pendidikan Kebangsaan (FPK or National Education Philosophy), is to produce “ insan sejahtera ” (balanced and harmonious individuals) who would in turn contribute to the harmony and betterment of humanity. Unfortunately, from the capitalistic view, serving the philosophy does not contribute to the generation of wealth; in other words, bad for our economy. The industries, on the other hand, are considered more important as they provide wealth for the government, reduce our imports and improve exports, and provide employment opportunities. Now, with the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), no one is spared from the pressures to adapt and change, especially the universities. This is because universities are appreciated mainly as the training centres for the industries. Today, universities are being audited and ranked based on graduates’ emplo

Merdekakah kita?

I typed everything except for the last 5 lines before the GE14.. some points still relevant I guess. *** Merdekakah kita? Pelbagai kaum bersatu kah kita? Pedulikah kita nasib negara? Atau hanya hal bangsa yang diambil kira? Merdekakah kita? Kaya hasil bumi milik siapa? Ambil kisahkah transaksi negara? Atau hanya berserah tatkala maruah dijaja? Merdekakah kita? Ahli fikir bijak pandai ke mana? Mereka berbicara sokong kah kita? Atau hanya redha bila mereka ke penjara?  Merdekakah kita? Apakah masih dijajah rupa, akhlak dan minda?  Sukar mencari ilmu alasan biasa? Atau hanya sekadar dikendong kepilan sijil buat tatapan mata? Merdekakah kita? Kebebasan suara diberi tetapi matang kah kita? Ambil mudah ulasan senang terpedaya? Atau hanya memang tidak kisah fitnah melata? Sudah Merdeka kah kita wahai anak Malaysia? --ellyWong--

Miyam is two steps ahead~

Happy birthday Miyam! So we all went to celebrate your birthday and Yeche Birthday yesterday. This year, we celebrated your Birthday on Yeche's birth date. Next year insyaAllah we will do on your's ya! You ate the most ice cream yesterday! Hehehehe So a two year old Miyam is a cheeky Miyam! Hehehehe At school you are still accommodating.. sending you to school routine means hugging you tight and carrying you inside and later pass the hug to the teacher. Hehehe.. If we didn't do that, you would be soooooo sad and merajuk. It breaks my heart to see that. But Alhamdulillah things are way better with our hugs routine. In fact, I think you are the only one in your class that your teachers have given you that kind of entrance privilege (of course after I asked the teacher to help me out hehehe). You finally made more than two steps at 1 year and 4 weeks! I realised all of my children really took your own sweet time to do the walking bits while you also decided to

Tia turns 5

Happy birthday Tia! May Allah continue to bless your happy cheery soul Tia! Aamiin From four to five.. your individual characteristic has grown even more Tia. If I have one word to summarise your one year growth, it would be - Hugger! 😂 You love to hug so much.. even when it come to acquaintance. Although Mi-mi and Ya-yah have told you to keep it down, you still continue. We know you were just being the charming you but just remember Tia, there are many different kinds of people. Some like to be hugged, while others do not. Some are OK to be hugged, while others you have be more cautious. Speaking of hugs, there was one incident, where you were acting as you have always been to one acquaintance. It left the Atok to say, "I think I can bring her back home" while feeding you with his fruit juice. You began to love drawing too. Cheche even said your cat drawings looked like her cat. However, you tend to get frustrated when you didn't get to draw like Cheche. 

What makes me - ME? Part 2

*This is a continuation from my previous entry of  What makes me - ME? Part 1 * (for some reason this entry is no longer in my list.. I don't know how it happened. #sad 28/03/2020) Last week, the "Kesian Along" article on the IIUM Confession appeared on my FB wall. I was curious to know as to what the story was all about. It was a sad story about the author's brother. From the author's confession, I concluded that although the author had never had the chance to get to know her deceased brother well, the author somewhat felt that her father was largely to be blamed for destroying her brother's life.  We have heard so much of these stories.  The "Kesian Along" story is one of many examples of how children that came from an abusive and broken family ended tragically. T here was also the true story of how a young lady decided to leave her religion because  she  felt that God was not being fair to her because of the condition of living she w

Double One.. Double One

Alhamdulillah Jia! Happy birthday my dearest Jia! You are eleven! Shy two years before you officially become a teenager. 😊 I remember last year when you told me about the UPSR discussion at school.. that you wish you don't have to go through it.. that you do not want to go through standard 5 and later standard 6. Hehe.. I assume it is clear to you now that you can never run away from getting older Jia 😜! That's what we do Jia on this earth.. we aged Jia. No matter how much we human tried to get away from it. 😉 Having said that Jia, getting older is not all bad. For instance, getting older means you get to help Mi-mi more often and on a larger scale! 😆 On your part Jia.. I guess YOU need to let me know what makes you think why getting older is great. (Note: I had to postpone completing this entry because I was caught up with some ethics form which I needed to get done this month! Yikes to me!) Up to this date, from last year, I admit that your character is

Resolution 2019x4

Oh no.. I think I might have just push my joke a little too much! 😂😂😂 You see.. from Jia to Bahim and now to Tia.. when each of them reached around 3 to 5 years of age, I have always pranked them with one made up classic prank. I told them my Bumblebee aka a 14 year old Perodua Kelisa is in fact a real Robot. Yes.. yes.. I did~ 😝😝😝 I would tell them, that it would only turned into a robot when everyone in the world asleep. Yes.. that's the tricked - that condition will never be true. BUT since at that age they have still not grasp the concept of time of the world, they don't see that coming. So principally, I have not lied. 😝 With Jia and Bahim.. they never go so much deeper into the idea. They would stop questioning after a while. I guess they could see me true. In a way, it didn't work so well because I fail to control thw smirks while tyring to hold back my laughter. Over the time, I became better at controlling myself. Yup!~ The best thi