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The shift~

It was just like yesterday that I waited more than two hours to cast the ballot in our GE14. I have actually planned to write something immediately after the 100 days was over and as you can see - I failed to stick with the plan. Huhu.. But I guess, better late than never.  I thought of sharing what I feel about this major reshuffling of Malaysia. 1. Do I care that not all 10 promises were fulfilled? Honestly - N.O.P.E. I guess this goes to many Malaysians too. We were mostly driven by the spirit to oust the corrupt government who felt they are above the law and invincible enough that they can do anything they want. We want to make a statement that enough is enough toying with us. Sigh.. simply could not believe the amount of the People's money spent to fulfill their own desire. All the money could have been used to build better public facilities like schools and hospitals. Sigh.. sampai hati betul ~ 2. If they can't even fulfill all 10 promises, why should we tr