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Re-post: Trap in the middle...

If someone who doesn't know me ask how would I described myself in ONE word.. I will have to say - "easygoing". But that is not how my siblings have seen me. To them, the word that really suit me, would be - "boring". 😅 At first I didn't think I'm such of a person. Despite all the effort that my siblings have put in order to make me understand what a boring person I could be, either in between lines or straight forward, I just couldn't see how they would see me as a boring person. All I did was to stick with my schedule (God knows how much I hate last minute work), making plans (how could anyone work without plans?), abiding rules (if they say at 2pm then we should be there before 2pm isn't it?).. how can this possibly be boring?  😅 It was not until one fine day. I was browsing my younger sister's friendster profile. At that time she has just finished form five. It was when I was browsing her uploaded photos that something went

Quick Post! - Mixer

Title: Mixer... Me: Yaby, aci tak belikan po mixer. Po nanti boleh blaja buat kek sedap-sedap tuk yaby. Dah lama tul nak buat. Nak buat macam Nurul.. macam Efa and the Geng. Sedap oo.. Yaby: Haiya. Kalau nak buat tuk Yasir, Yasir lagi suke kalau Po blaja buat daging kebab ker, patty ker, lasagne ker... Me: *silent* Moral of the story: What you like might not be what others would love. You need to do your research first. Hihihi...

Quick Post! - New slot...

Title: New slot... I was reading when yaby came to me saying this... Yaby: Lai! Yasir dah ada satu idea untuk blog. Me: Apa dia ? Yaby: Hehehe... buat new slot panggil "Theories of My Life"... Me: Macam mana tu? Citer sikit.. Yaby: Hmm.. contohnye 1 + 1 = 2... Me: A'ha... okay.. so? Yaby: Pastu cakap laa what is '1', 'plus sign' tu apa, 'sama dengan' tu maksudnye apa and '2' tu apa... Me: Okay okay... bagi laa contoh . Yaby: '1' is a group of strong people 'combined force' with '1' more group of strong people 'will result to' '2' i.e. group of people which has greater power... ataupun contohnya '1' is burger bread 'inserted with' '1' beef patty 'will give you' a delicious burger of more than '2' layers... Me: Hahaha.. first one okay lagi. Yang second macam tak betul je . Hehe... Po jadikan yaby co-author nak tak? Pastu yaby bo

Quick Post! - Hari ini dalam sejarah

Hari ini dalam sejarah ~ I just have to put it here for my own record. Hehe 😁😁 Today Jia found my blog while using my personal laptop. Jia: Mi-mi.. what is this orange square box with the letter B on it?  I guess it was the view she saw when one clicked on the chrome browser.  I was at my PC completing the unfinished reviewing business for ICCCE'18 . Me: Hmmm Jia.. which one?  Jia: It says "On My Part"... Immediately I looked at her, smiled and said - it is my blog Jia. Then I continue doing my work. She was with the headphone and intermittently I could hear the mouse button being clicked. I was so sure that she was listening to YouTube. Then came Asar. That was when I noticed that she was actually reading my blog. Jia: What is this - to the moon ? Me: Which? Oooo.. hehehe (I then started to read the post out loud) After finishing, I asked Jia, "so, what do you think of my blog?" to which Jia answered, "it is like

A sacrifice

Green leaf.. You grow You do your share You work You take your share You breath You hope you share Green leaf.. You grew So soon you turned yellow You worked Time for you to go No more breath You fall to the ground bellow Behind the tree's shadow Crept beneath the burrow -ellyWong-