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Malaysia Baharu!

I made a note to self that I would published a post on my view on the Malaysia 14th general election by the end of May. However, I was delayed yet again. InsyaAllah I will complete this today.. Huhuhu

Where should I begin... let's rewind back to the night of 5th May 2013. At one point, after DSAI team announced that Pakatan Rakyat already manage to secure enough Parliament seats to form a new government, I was already jumping up and down - literally. But then, as the Malaysia history has recorded, Malaysians were denied the win. Recount of ballots were made and then there was the blackout and then there was the dreading announcement. I remember I had tears in my eyes. My heart ached. I did not sleep well that night. I think, many others were in the same boat too. All we wanted was a reformed government. But Alhamdulillah, a lot of us were reminded that "whatever happens, happens for a reason" and that it was ONLY by Allah's decree and permission that they 'won'.

Since then, each time when there were news that could be linked to the misused of power, I could not deny having the thought of "if only.." .

Now fast forward into 2018~

Since early this year, one of the hot topic of conversations was - "when is the election day?". January changed to February then to March and then finally April. We knew that Dato Sri Najib had to call for an election before June 2018. Some suggested because surely they wanted to have it before the release of DSAI. Hence, many predicted that it must be in May. 

Soon, there was the rumour that it would be on the 5th (again) May since it was a Saturday. Little did we know that on the 10th of April 2018, Tan Sri Hashim from the Election Commission aka SPR decided that Wednesday the 9th May 2018 would be the best date for the election date. Yup! Right in the middle of the week! 😅😅😅

PC on the announcement of GE14 date [1]
And so their plan began.. in fact, it had started earlier when they decided to do redelineation grouping voters to their best of interest.. and when RoS decided that PPBM was disbanded and many more. Perhaps, the then government MUST have forgotten that Allah also plan, and He is the best of Planner.

Right after the PC, a lot of people voiced their concerns and frustrations. Media socials were stormed with infuriating comments since there was no announcement of a possible public holiday on the polling date. Utusan put on the news justifying that there was nothing wrong having it on a Wednesday [2]. Then there was also the mentioned of "majikan tidak wajib bagi cuti" [3],  "if you can't get leave, best not to vote if you are Malaysian working in Singapore" [4] and many other displeasing and irresponsible remarks made by top ranked personnel.

Among the funny messages spread on WhatsApp besides the Rakyat Akan Buang Umno that went viral  
Despite all that, I know for sure that 99% of the Malaysia population were very HAPPY that the polling date was finally out and that we were already started making plan for #UNDIRABU. Excited me had applied for a two day annual leave i.e. the eve of election and the election day itself! Hihi

Two days after the announcement, and after much trolling by the keyboard warriors, the then government finally made the announcement that the 9th May will be a public holiday [5]. I guess they might have also realised that it would also affect people who wanted to vote for them. Duhh~ 😜

Everyday thereafter, the news was getting more exciting. I am however not referring to the national news telecasted on the national television. I was referring to the news shared on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram - yup, you name it.

Just like in 2013, everyday, my additional task was to look for latest updates. One by one, the nomination of candidates from all parties were revealed and not to forget the speculations. At that time, the uncertainties and the thought of losing this general election again, left me with a heart ache. I would mutter "could we make it this time?" almost every time I read or watch new updates. Adeh~ sakit jantung rasanya~

I remember watching the Big Data presentation by Rafizi [6]. As he moved to the slide where he showed what the people of Malaysia could achieve should there be a transparent election, I too, just like the audience felt that warmth and without realising clapping my hands.. hoping that the data be true.. that the people of Malaysia would finally saved this blessed country.

Came 24th April 2018, four days before the official nomination of candidates, Tun M announced that should a new people government was formed, the following Thursday and Friday after the polling would be declared as public holiday. I know this was in fact one of the minor reasons as to why many of us was rooting for the people to win. 😉😇

It is worth mentioning it here that SPR proven once again that it wasn't representing the people of Malaysia when they denied Suhakam requests to monitor as election observer 2 days before the official nomination of candidates. Sigh~ geram ada.. sedih pun ada. But this could not surpass what SPR did on the 28th April 2018 against the people representative of DUN Rantau. It was just ridiculous! For some unknown reasons, there was no other candidate to fight at DUN Rantau and so when the people representative was not allowed to register as candidate, Tok Mat won the parliament seat. Sigh~ There was also the problem with the people representative at Batu [7] who wasn't allowed to compete in the GE14 election and that SPR decided to remove flags that was put up for the Batu representative. Sigh~

Having said that, not all were at lost on the April 28th (yes.. it was also Maryam 1st year Birthday! Hehehe). In fact, that very same date marked the new phenomena of UNO or NONA whichever you decided to use. Little was known about him. I remember seeing the trending on DUN Chempaka hashtag. I picked up some videos which showed him walking to register but what truly amazed me was when Ustaz Nik Omar gave his first opening speech at a round table in front of a handful of media. It wasn't a long speech but what he said was amazing! It led me to do further background search on NONA. The term "Malay tsunami" was quickly to be introduced relating it directly to NONA who claimed that he would continue to be a Green member but will run as a candidate under the people's party.

Since then, between the 28th April and 11th May, all parties were in their high gear trying to sell their manifesto.  Speaking of manifesto, I could not believe that the twin tower was removed from the graphic of the dark Blue team Manifesto. Sigh~ I was already so much disturbed knowing that our Malaysia history i.e. the history that I learned at school and the one used throughout Malaysia was modified/truncated/swapped or whatever-you-want-to-call-it. This time, they showed to the whole nation again that they will continue to do it whenever they feel like doing it! #frust

Came 5th May, it was the early vote for the police and soldiers but nothing is more exciting than the postal vote! Many eligible postal voters were yet to receive their ballot even though they only had less than four days to ensure their postal votes reached the ballot box. After the election, there was a video on the postal vote that went viral. I was literally in tears watching it. I was overwhelmed by their sacrifices, spirit and trust to total strangers and to know that there are many Malaysians who actually love and have high hope for this wonderful country. It was just soooooooooo beautiful 

*Pause kejap.. recollecting myself! hehehehe*

Finally, it was the eve of the election day (Ya Allah, tiba-tiba rasa seram! LOL!). We were already at Klang at my sister's place since morning. That night Dato Sri Najib made a special announcement live on the national television. Meanwhile, Tun M was also live on the social media. Their number of viewers count and online user reactions were far off even though Dato Sri Najib made three other promises if his party wins including that the 13th and 14th May to be made public holiday. If you asked me, I personally do not like the idea since it might also mean that I would have to replace more classes! Yikes! LOL.

That night, I could feel the tension. There were so much at stake. My children future was on the line. I was most worried about the split vote since historically, should there be a split vote in any seat, the dark Blue team will continue to rule the country. 

Before I slept that night, I read the post shared by Dr MAZA on Tun M with an open heart. I remembered asking Yaby - "why was this post not shared much sooner". Then again, I guess Allah knows best. I read some of the comments following the post and I know that I wasn't alone to feel the same about Tun M. I want to believe that he was a changed man and Dr MAZA's post deepen my conviction.

We all now know how the GE14 ends despite everything that had happened on that day and the following day and the day after. It was a HAPPY beginning - a new dawn to all Malaysians. 😍 #MalaysiaBaharu

My personal view on the chain events related to this GE14 - humbled by the limit of my human brain capacity. Why? Because I was devastated that we lost in 2013. But now I realised that should we have not lost 2013, we Malaysians would not have stand and fight stronger. Should we have not lost in 2013, we would not have been able to isolate a few and replaced them with a few others who willing to uphold the people's true vision. Should we have not lost 2013, we Malaysians would never really understand the meaning of UNITY. Should we have not lost 2013, we can never truly experience this sweet victory. AllahuAkbar!

In this election, the people of Malaysia (and of course by God's will) have shown that the leaders should be very weary of the people. They should remember that they were elected to serve the people and not the other way round. As I have hailed so many times - I am Muslim first then I am a patriot. Hence, I would do everything in my capacity to fulfil the dream of a better worldly order. InsyaAllah!

With that.. good luck to all new line up! Believe me when I say that you are under probe! 😎😆



Dah lama tak baca blog chemi:) Best baca ! night night now
ellyWong said…
hehe.. masalahnya lama dah tak menulis. huhu

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