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Malaysia Baharu!

I made a note to self that I would published a post on my view on the Malaysia 14th general election by the end of May. However, I was delayed yet again. InsyaAllah I will complete this today.. Huhuhu Where should I begin... let's rewind back to the night of 5th May 2013. At one point, after DSAI team announced that Pakatan Rakyat already manage to secure enough Parliament seats to form a new government, I was already jumping up and down - literally. But then, as the Malaysia history has recorded, Malaysians were denied the win. Recount of ballots were made and then there was the blackout and then there was the dreading announcement. I remember I had tears in my eyes. My heart ached. I did not sleep well that night. I think, many others were in the same boat too. All we wanted was a reformed government. But Alhamdulillah, a lot of us were reminded that "whatever happens, happens for a reason" and that it was ONLY by Allah's decree and permission that they 'wo