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Big 10~

Jia guess what?! You are ten! And guess what?! You changed a lot both physically, emotionally, and mentally.. 😩Uwaaa.. why so fast~~ With that said, I am pretty sure I have   a lot to write about you. But that would take hours. Hihihi.. so I am just going to summarise your one year here for you. 😍 Believe it or not Jia, last one year, you started to have your growth spurt! A short you suddenly became a tall you. You must remember me saying this repeatedly to you – “Jia, you better jump more now. If not you will stay that short!” Hihihi… I know.. I know.. I was teasing you. But because you are growing so tall all of a sudden, this made Bahim and Tia wants to grow taller too. Hihihi.. Emotionally Jia, you became more sensitive now. Tears would easily form when you got ‘hit’ by Bahim or Tia. You would easily become upset too although the things that upset you now had happened before and you never seemed to mind at all. I took the liberty to explain things to Bahim and Jia.