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Walking on different clouds...

Today is my fifth day home alone doing everything I want to without having to worry about anything except for this baby in me. Hehe.. Yup.. she's still in 'there'. Taking her sweet time unlike Jia and Bahim whom both screaming for their first time ever into this world at 37 weeks. My gynae and I were positive that this baby will follow her other siblings' pattern. Turn out, we are wrong. I guess that's life - it's filled with uncertainties. Almost two years ago, I was marking students' mid-terms when I received a call from someone I didn't know. Of course, I knew now it was Prof   Fauzan  (may Allah bless him and his family). That phone call was how it all started.. I was walking on different clouds. Have I ever thought that I would take that path? My answer is a clear cut 'NOPE'. That proves just how uncertain and unpredictable life is. I have thought of writing this post on my last day. But as usual.. writing needs mood kan? Chewah~