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I am healthy~

Just before I start typing this entry, I was watching a video on a facebook. I cannot hide the mixed feelings I had watching the 41 seconds long clip that was recorded after a Friday prayer in Putrajaya. Surprised, moved and somewhat happy.  This year election would be the first time I shall cast my vote, insyaAllah. Aaa yes yes, I am not 21 years old this year but I have reasons you see…  In 2004, I was in the UK.  In 2008, I was in Australia. Yes. You are right again. These two reasons are not acceptable. Truth must be told. I was not registered until two years after the 2004 election. I know! That’s bad! But before you go throwing me buckets of paint, allow me to clarify myself as follows: I don’t know that we have to register to be allowed to vote. I have always thought that it is an automatic process.  Even if I knew that I have to register, I don’t know where to register. (I only knew where to register after being bombarded at K

A detour..

There were so many things to be digested in the last few weeks. March 2013 will be surely remembered – for all the good reasons that is. It was in February when I first confirmed the good news.  The good news was I was having my third. I have been looking forward to have the third since Ibrahim is already going into his third year. Jia on the other hand has been pestering me to get herself another baby sister. And so, how would I not be super elated after getting two lines on the tester! Early March, I got my first and only sister-in-law only three months after I managed to secure another brother-in-law! Both wedding ceremonies have been exciting. We had so much fun. Then, for the first time ever, Yaby said yes to an ad hoc family trip to Cameron during the semester break. We stayed for three days along with Chena’s happy family. Though I must say that Cameron Highland didn’t reach to my expectations, I have not regretted the decision we’ve made going up there. Being with