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Eii.. someone is watching

I don't think I need to put further introductions or comments for the following video. Watch it and you'll understand. Beware under the watchful 'Eye'. ;-)

Jia turns FIVE.. (high five)

Dear Jia, It has been a week now since you turned five. You received triple doses of birthday cakes! At one point you did asked me, "why (is) everyone giving me presents mi-mi?". Ummi and Ayah pray for your well being. May you grow up to become big girl solehah! ;) We love you loads. Thank you for playing with Ibrahim. And not to forget, thanks for taking care of ya-yah and Ibrahim too when I'm busy. Huhuhu  Double celebration! Chinese New Year and Birthday! At Bangi~ Love~  mi-mi


15th September 1999 dear diary, i hate this house! i can't live here anymore!! why can't i just have a normal life. i want to play game, go to cc, watch movie, play football in the evening and don't have to help with the housework like my other 15 years old friends! why must i take care of amin! can't wait to go to boarding school. i'll make sure that i'll get to go to any boarding school next year. i don't care! 2nd February 2000 dear diary, it has been two months now since i was away from home and i couldn't be happier. here at this school, i have lots of friends who love and cherish me. i'm planning not to go back this mid-semester holiday. i'm planning to stay at a friend's house. i'll just tell mak there are some extra class that i have to attend. brilliant!! 23rd June 2000 dear diary, i just made a call back home. trust me, if it wasn't because i need the money to buy a mobile phone, i would rather save the

Flip that coin right!

The one other good thing about facebook after letting one to be in touch with families and friends would be - you got free live news feed!!! At first I was quite unsure what were they talking about. A quick link here and there and a little extra search led me to a complete story.  My take on the so-called Islamic drama (though I have not watched it myself) would best be described by the following image.. A statue in  Tuileries Garden , Paris (from wiki) I simply don't get this people.  Just recently I was telling Yaby on how I strongly felt that the Islamic awareness is steadily increasing. On the live screen, we could see more Muslim female artists have adopted the hijab. Outside,  more local mosques have finally attracted a large turnout all wanting to be in a seating with famous Ustaz s. You see, there are always two sides of a coin. Most commoners, like you and me, I guess we benefit a lot from this awareness. There are more Islamic