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Truth must be told - I never knew that KL has beautiful tourism spot. I have been to lake garden yearsssssss ago. But never knew we have the butterfly park, the bird park and the planetarium to name a few which are just super duper close by. I've always told myself that if any of my international friends ever come to visit me and asked me what and where to visit or even the best place to have a taste of Malaysia, I would totally and utterly fail. Yes, I guess now is the time for me to either: ... read travel magazines or browse the net OR ... watch jalan-jalan cari mkn or any travelling programmes on the tele OR ... make Yaby bring us jalan-jalan every fortnight for this whole year! So yesterday, Yaby decided to bring us (yes, the 'us' is referring to Jia, Ibrahim and myself) to the buterfly park. We (yes, the 'we' is referring to Jia, Ibrahim and myself) enjoyed it a lot! While we were at the park, Jia sang the Rama-rama song which she