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Wrong impression?

After reading my previous entry again, I felt that I need to modify the text a bit. It sounded too I-am-the-only-one-who's-right-in-this-world kind of entry. And I don't want that. HohOHo... All I was trying to put forward was the fact that we need to get our focus right. That's all. With that, here's the updated version of the previous entry. :P ***** I remember a quote that someone shared on the facebook. It says something like this; "If your effort is less than what your salary offers, Allah will eventually take it away from you. But if your effort is more than your salary, Allah will open more doors for you." With these words secured neatly in my head, how could I or anyone not deliver the best. Let’s face it, from time to time, you might hear this: It’s not my job. Why do I have to do it? They are not doing it, why should I? There are a lot of people there. One of them will do it. We could always do it later. The problem with