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Our WRITTEN story...

Before I am writing this, less than 12 hours ago, there came to me a shocking news. I wanted to write this sooner but was interrupted by my little Ibrahim who very much in love with the keyboard. The news was - Daddy got into an accident. I knew Daddy was somewhat different when he entered my house. At first I thought it was because there were Maksu and Pak Rashid. But when daddy spoke of the accident, it all makes sense. When Daddy started the conversation, "Daddy sebenarnya tak nak bagitau... Actually, tadi Daddy accident", at the very beginning, I was expecting to hear about a small accident since Daddy didn't carry any bruises let alone any cuts. As the story progresses, I could feel that at one point of the story, my heart skipped a beat. This was not an ordinary car accident. Daddy's car accident equation has too many variables. The car he was driving skidded + lose control + hit trees + turned a few times + flying into the air + went into the r