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Delayed Entry for Ibrahim...

My Dear Ibrahim.. Sorry for the long delay. You are entering 2 years and a month old. How time flies... :) May you  continue to grow to become the best of Muslim. Having the great qualities of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. Amin Ya Rabb. I love y ou Ibrahim!!! :D You are so OOooOOo different from your cheche . You love cars - a lot! On the common ground, you love to play 'cat-cat' with cheche . And when you do that, mi-mi will always remind you that you are a tiger instead and ROAR you will. Here are photos taken on one fine weekend. You could not let go off your cars and at the same time you want to go for the slides... Ibrahim and his car craze! (taken on 8th Dec 2012) p/s: to jia, while I was compiling this photos, you kept asking me why there are only two photos containing you. Hopefully you'll understand that it is not because I love you less. ;)

Ant3M13 and Ant3M15...

The last time I wrote about ants , I was dedicating to a dear friend. Here’s another story of ants for another friend that I care~ ;) **** Once there was a colony of rare blue ants. One day, in a mass gathering held by Queen RayBlu, the Queen called out the names of four selected blue ants – Ant3M12 (ant-3-million-and-twelve), Ant3M13 (ant-3-million-and-thirteen), Ant3M14 (ant-3-million-and-fourteen) and Ant3M15 (ant-3-million-and-fifteen). When all four ants stand bravely in front of their Queen, Queen RayBlu instructed them to pair themselves to whomever they like. By mutual chemistry, Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 chose each other and the same reaction for Ant3M13 and Ant3M15.  Because of their number pattern, the Queen decided that Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 shall be called the Even team while Ant3M13 and Ant3M15 as the Odd team. “Hear ye.. hear ye..”, exclaimed Queen RayBlu echoing every wall in the main hall of the blue ant’s anthill. When all ants break into silence, in clear

For Gaza...

Tomorrow is my birthday. As I am sitting on my bed, typing this entry on my phone, I am torn apart.. having mixed feelings. A few minutes ago, I was awaken by Ibrahim's little cries. Alhamdulillah, he is well asleep again. (Sorry Ibrahim. Ummi owe you a birthday entry. We went back to klang since mama yana came down. InsyaAllah will put an entry for you soon). I took my phone just to check if there's any important notifications. That was when I was led to an article writing about the strikes on Gaza. My perception on this manic strikes - many Malaysians are unaware of what's happening in Gaza. They don't know the weight of this dreadful event which the Palestinians have to face. Homes destroyed, bloodsheds, family members killed... I guess we are too busy with our 'perfect' life. We woke up in the morning. Then we got ready to send our kids to school before heading to work from 8am to 5pm. In the evening, we picked our kids from school, headed back home, had

Wrong impression?

After reading my previous entry again, I felt that I need to modify the text a bit. It sounded too I-am-the-only-one-who's-right-in-this-world kind of entry. And I don't want that. HohOHo... All I was trying to put forward was the fact that we need to get our focus right. That's all. With that, here's the updated version of the previous entry. :P ***** I remember a quote that someone shared on the facebook. It says something like this; "If your effort is less than what your salary offers, Allah will eventually take it away from you. But if your effort is more than your salary, Allah will open more doors for you." With these words secured neatly in my head, how could I or anyone not deliver the best. Let’s face it, from time to time, you might hear this: It’s not my job. Why do I have to do it? They are not doing it, why should I? There are a lot of people there. One of them will do it. We could always do it later. The problem with

Great British Islam by BBC

These information are SUPER new to me. I bet (insyaAllah) you would do more googling after watching this video. :D

Make your move...

I have always love Chess. And now Sudoku is becoming one of my favourites too. What I love most about the two is that they are both strategy game (plus they are cheap!!!). I remember when Daddy taught me how to play Chess, Daddy always told me that to become a good Chess player you must always think ONE step ahead from your opponent. He added that each time you put down a piece, you must know why you put it there and how the move could help you to win the game . Now that I am writing this, it makes me longing for a tournament. I guess I must have missed the heart pounding and palm sweating atmosphere. HohohOHOoho.. I would definitely asked my children to experience it. Something new has just set foot at my front door, I found that I could use this same strategy to work my way out. InsyaAllah to contribute positively to the team. And since this blog has been a place where I 'psycho' myself from time to time, thats why I am writing this here. Hehehe OK! Takleh panjang2.. l

Ramadhan preview

A beautiful video.. please spent time to watch it! Lets seeks His Forgiveness. Taubat itu hak Allah!  Since Ramadhan is insyaAllah next week, I would like to take this opportunity to minta ampun minta maaf if ada salah silap from my part.


This is no Ombak Rindu. Simply rindu to spill words here on this blog. I love today. Since I woke up this morning, everything was somewhat in place. Morning was usually the time when I operated in HIGH speed mode. Should Ibrahim or/and Jia do not listen to me, I would easily become all tensed up. When that happen, though this mulut berkumat-kamit   Rabbana afrigh 'alayna sabranwa thabbit aqdamana wan-surna 'alal- Qawmil-kafirin ( Our Lord! Pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and assist us against the unbelieving people 2:250 ), still, it is not a wonderful scene for anyone to see. HohoHOHohohOHOho.. May Allah gives us more patience indeed. Alhamdulillah this morning they were both in good mood and Alhamdulillah I was all smiling. :) This serene feeling, the good mood I am having right now, I know it is one of the many Nikmat (Blessings) from Him and I thank Allah for each and every single one of it.  Of course there are many reasons for Allah's

Our WRITTEN story...

Before I am writing this, less than 12 hours ago, there came to me a shocking news. I wanted to write this sooner but was interrupted by my little Ibrahim who very much in love with the keyboard. The news was - Daddy got into an accident. I knew Daddy was somewhat different when he entered my house. At first I thought it was because there were Maksu and Pak Rashid. But when daddy spoke of the accident, it all makes sense. When Daddy started the conversation, "Daddy sebenarnya tak nak bagitau... Actually, tadi Daddy accident", at the very beginning, I was expecting to hear about a small accident since Daddy didn't carry any bruises let alone any cuts. As the story progresses, I could feel that at one point of the story, my heart skipped a beat. This was not an ordinary car accident. Daddy's car accident equation has too many variables. The car he was driving skidded + lose control + hit trees + turned a few times + flying into the air + went into the r

Enough of the excuses!

Since last week, I could swear that I have been using one phrase much too often. Today, I gave myself one 'big' knocked on the head of sudah-sudah laa tu . Previously, I have posted an entry of ' enough is enough '. This is a Malay version of it and for a totally different reason. :P So what was that phrase? ... I have been using the same old lame I-AM-SUPER-BUSY excuses again. Though it's true that I am very busy. But I think I am using it wayyyyyyyyyyy too much as an easy escape route! Aijooooo~~~ That said, I could not believe that it's already the month of Rejab. In less than 60 days, Ramadhan shall greet upon us. Yeay! Moga sempat diketemukan with Ramadhan. After all we could not tell whether or not we would have the chance to welcome Ramadhan. I remember yesterday's Tazkirah Maghrib where the Ustaz mentioned that our (passing) time will come when we reached the highest point (kemuncak) in our lives. Whether the highest point (kemuncak

By the hearts...

A ruler’s way Truth must be told History we must learn Only then bliss ruled Only then victory attained A ruler’s way One that’s hard and bold Grabbing by the minds Scheming the minds Obey we will Through fear and hate But will bliss ruled? Neither victory attained A ruler’s way One that’s soft but bold Grabbing by the hearts Empathizing the hearts Obey we will Through love and respect Bliss shall rule Victory shall be attained -ellywong-  specially dedicated to Akira

Stand united... :)

There were so much to talk about in the last 3 weeks. From being 'clean' to Manchester City glorious win over Man U. Personally, I am more interested in the former. I have mentioned this before in my previous entries. I would say that I am patriotic. I love Malaysia second after Islam. Since Bersih happens here in Malaysia, I couldn't help but to read and understand the issues that envelopes the campaign in the first place. I don't want to be left behind you see... So what about Bersih? I am sure, many of you have read it too. The historical news is all over the place. Demonstrators shared their first hand experience on what I believe to be the largest demonstration ever. And I am pretty sure, 28 April 2012 has booked itself a space in the Malaysian hall-of-fame.  Why do I say that?  This is the third time of such event. After the first two, there were claims condemning Malay youths. Labeling the Malay youths to be fanatics. It is to the extent that

Unusual, say...

Dear Diary, Today was not one of my best. After cutting 5 minutes short of my last class today, I went back to my office only to find another student waiting for me. He was there to see me for other reason. He seeks to see my tutor. While I was browsing the directory, little did I know, I've let out my frustration unintentionally. I was saying, "People always said that becoming a 'lecturer' is an easy job...". And this student of mine.. not that I want to hear an answer from him, replied saying, "Yes Mam, it is easy.". I told him, "That's wrong brother." I recall back the talk given by Dr Abdi on Murabbi . As he said, it is always easy to become Mualim but never the same way to become Murabbi. Dear Diary, I kept asking myself, "have I done enough for the students?", "do they understand what I was teaching?", "what can I do to help them improve?", "how do I make them participate in clas

Teen idol?

Last weekend, I was watching Yalla Shabab (Come on Youth) on the tele where they were discussing on idol among the youth. At the start of the talk show, they show footage of the host asking some random people on the street. The first question that was put forward is on the latest movie by one particular director. The second question was about a song. For these two questions, all of the people interviewed answered correctly. Then came the third question - who is the first woman who turned to Islam? Only two of them got it right. The right answer is Siti Khadeeja, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.     Honestly speaking, the first thing that came to me was, 'is this for real'. I would not be too surprised if Malaysians got it wrong. Then it came to me. Duhh... I must still have the wrong impression that all Arabs have better understanding. I forgot the fact that we are all the same whether one is Arab or the other is a Malay in the Eyes of Allah. What differentiate us i

Understanding the Call~

*Breath in... Breath out* Fuhh! I'm feeling super much better now.  March was simply crazy! Alhamdulillah, with the marking over, I can start focusing on other things like research (and blogging :P). Besides missing blogging hours in March, I have been missing the great hours of usrah too. It was not my choice. May Allah bless me with the time to be in Majlis ilmu again. Anyway, I actually wanted to share this one thing right after I heard it on the radio. But as I mentioned before, there were so much to do and I had to skip it. Until now.. :) If you are a native listener of IKIM, you might have heard what I am about to say. Every weekdays if I am not mistaken, there is this one hour slot between 5pm to 6pm where there will be one scholar answering to questions raised by callers. The topic is different everyday varying from Fiqh to Muamalat.  And so what has fascinated me? Here goes... When the DJ gave salam, a tiny voice was at the other end of the line. When asked how old s

Allah please save our Syrian Brothers and Sisters...

If you have read news on Syria, you would knew that the uprising in Syria started when a thirteen year old boy was tortured after he was caught writing on the wall asking President Bashar to step down. It has been a year now. There have been much killing since. Watch the video below.. an interview with President Bashar al-Assad. It is so heart breaking to listen things from his perspective. :(

Quick Post~ Let's read Al-Ma'thurat!

Who don't know what Al-Ma'thurat is? To those who only heard this for the first time, please accept my apology for not writing about this sooner. Clearly I was wrong to assume everyone already knew about this. Don't you worry. I was too. :) Remember that I once mentioned that I never went to Sekolah Agama  yang petang2 tu. And so I would say that at my early days, my Agama knowledge is way below the average line. I first heard of Al-Ma'thurat when I was 18. Yup!~ That old. But like they say, better late than never. I must say thank you to my chalet mates who brought it into my life.   So what is this Al-Ma'thurat?  During my time, it has a purple cover and Surah Yasin at the back. It was not until I decided to spent RM1.80 to buy my first Al-Ma'thurat at Pasar Borong Klang when I realised that I have actually seen this book back when I was in my secondary school. Unfortunately, I'd only used it to read Yasin. Never had I taken the time to bro

Aku Cinta Allah!

Enjoy the beautiful song...

Lalala... bad hair day...

Hopefully none of the good-people-waiting-for-my-submissions sees I am spending time writing this entry and not the reports and papers I owe them!!! :P But should you see this, please know that I am trying real hard to stretch my 24 hours to fit in everything.  A few days ago, while I was talking to one of my students, she mentioned that she is going to work harder this semester to fix her CGPA. She told me that she didn't study for her exams last semester. When I asked her the reasons she did that, she described to me of her somewhat big problem. I could see and relate how the problem led her into the actions she had taken. Like Daddy used to tell me, "school isn't just about books and exams..", well it's true. There's so much "in between" or should I say "around" us. And because we are human i.e. dynamic+mostly subjective, hence, we couldn't avoid not having those bumps in lives. I would not say that have I led a perfect life or ha

Ice cold~

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine forwarded an email to me containing one man's idea on an issue in relation to our Muslim community. The author was discussing on what he thought as a growing trend among Muslimah today. It was on 'hijabster'. I later found out that the article was published at free malaysia today webpage . The term 'hijabster' was made up by combining the word hijab and hipster. And so, if you take a direct translations of the two words, you will begin to understand that hijabster is basically Muslimah wearing hijab and which they follow the latest trend in the so-called hijab world. Among other things that was discussed by the author was on the new speech style of these hijabster and places where they hang out. In a way, the author trying to stress out that these group of Muslimah simply wanted to look cooler . He gave his credit to both Yuna and Tajima as the cream of the hijabster MOVEMENT . I remembered in one of the sittings which I had a

It's 2012 already~

I have just got to break the shell for 2012. 3 days before new year, I was thinking to put a summary entry for 2011. Half way through, I decided not to post it up anyway. It sounded too dramatic :P... Then I told myself that I would put an entry to mark the first entry of 2012 on new year. But due to hectic schedule for the last 3 weeks, I didn't manage to keep my words. And so today, while I was in the midst of completing marking my students' final, I had my laptop fixed on a social webpage which then led me reading one blog after another. In a way, it came to me as a wake up call of bilanya-nak-update-blog. To Jam, congratulations on the good news ! :) For most people, new year means new resolutions. Then again how many of us actually made resolutions but ended up not meeting them? I have kept mine simple this year.  I was actually inspired by this one sister. When she offered me a ride to the office two months ago, she informed me of her target to help at least  one per