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Messy me?

Of course I am not posting this photo to show the whole world just how incredibly messy my room is. Try to look at the photo one more time. :D

In control~

When I was younger and at that stage when you outgrown your outfit really-really fast. Yup, that was about the time. At each phase of that stage, it would occur to me that I would either show favouritism to one particular t-shirt or pants. Here's the thing. At some point, because I was growing, the t-shirt or pants would be too tight or I would look ridiculously funny should I try forcing them onto myself. Usually to my dismay, I would say, "asal baju ni dah kecik" or "naper suar ni dah kecik"... instead of realising that the fact that the baju n suar didn't actually become any smaller. But it was just me growing up to become a big n healthy me :P. Yes yes... not that I am in denial. It's just that I hope that my favourite t-shirt or pants would forever fit me. What's my point? Some things are just out of your control (ahahaha, yes I could have given a better start to my story). Whether you like it or not there are elements that are just beyond yo

Total blank~

Before I am typing this, I had actually made myself comfortable next to Insyirah with as much plush pillows to support my bulging tummy. Yes I have. I knew I was tired, but my eyes deny to cooperate. Usually I would fall asleep DEAD easily. I wonder what's bothering my mind. To be honest, I don't have anything in mind. It worries me.  So I put away everything, switch on my computer, check on the latest news on fb then look at my ym list, tried to buzz my sister who must be tired after her long exam today but couldn't get hold of her (either she's asleep like what I usually do every time I finished all my exams or enjoying the company with her friends which what I would do second :P)... and finally, that's how I caught myself typing this.  I don't have any plan to make any point for this entry actually. For once I could use this time to write on the topic that I've left out. But then again, honestly, I don't have that 'feeling' tonight. And so w

Lalala :)~

It's a week into June, yet I haven't posted any entry since my last. To be honest, there were too much going on and too many to be scrutinized... I realised that I only ended up talking to myself on the issues and not typing it all down here.. And of course in some cases I still have to do some more readings before I could eventually write anything 'decent' about it. Anyway, I guess, maybe I could escape a 'heavy' entry for a while and give you guys some update on what's going on around me. :D Well, two weeks ago, I had my first scan. YEAY! Was sooooo excited to see it. Insyirah was amazed to see the baby on the screen too. And it convinced her that yes she is going to be THE big sister. I remember my first time looking at Insyirah at the monitor screen. I was totally and completely felt "what a miracle" to see some-being actually living in ME! Though Insyirah was no more than 6cm long, I couldn't express how happy I was when I first saw her.