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I finally got to watch Malcom X yesterday. My personal view on his interesting life - A charismatic and intelligent fine man and was extremely lucky in the sense that I believe that Allah had guided him all the way to peace. In his early days, he was a normal lively bloke who then stumbled into the used of drugs.. then came his new profession - burglary. Not long after that, he was convicted and sentenced ten years of hard labour in jail. In the prison, he met with a guy who's a member of the so-called Nation of Islam where then he listened to the man's preach and which MX later decided to join and became one of the famous leaders in NOI. The NOI is a religious organisation which their main aim is to influence the black community in America to basically change their way of life and become successful. Although the base of the organisation believe that Islam is the remedy to all the problems i.e. prostitution, drugs, alcohol and etc, part of its stand is somewhat false

Quick post

It's only a few nights away before I will be in charge of everything by myself again. Adus~ Cuak pun ada each time the thought of it comes by. Ummi, if you are reading this, this is no pity attempt to make you stay. Just wanting me to be all prepped up. :P I was reminded by many of how the last few months before submission will be a dead tiring and a killing moment. And so in the next 4 months please excuse me if you see me somewhat disarray or if I might not be answering any calls or not turned up on any invitations... sigh... p/s: have a deadline due 1st Jan 2010.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Happy anniversary to me n yaby! yeay~

I haven't finished typing the title for this entry when I received a call from Zu. Thanks Zu. And Happy advanced Anniversary to you!! Have a wonderful time in Melbourne dear! :D So, 5 years ago, I was all kusut masai preparing for the big day. One thing I got from my wedding experience is - I really need to have a bigger family for my kids. But that said, I didn't blame my neighbours. I blame it on myself for didn't make any attempt to knock on their door and seek help. I would always felt sedey but laugh more when I recall how both Daddy and I was working on arranging the table for my receptions. And the next second, I was on the chair making sure the khemah was all good. Then came to decorating the meja pengantin. Ahahaha.. adoi lawak2.. There were so much to do yet so little people. But yang penting, with all the kekurangan on that day, Alhamdulillah dah selamat pun everything and I am grateful and happy tak terkiranya that I am married to Yaby. Thank you Allah. So

Ketika Amelia Wong Azman watch cinta bertasbih~

Here's the thing.. I've just finished watching "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih". It's just superb!!! Far better than "Ayat-ayat Cinta" I would say. My dear Yaby watched it two days ago and insisted me watching it too. And since then, he has been pestering me, wanting me to watch it immediately! As Yaby has put it, "cerita tu best giler!", indeed it is. Just for the record Yaby did say that he just can't wait for the part two to be released. And again, I agree! My God, it has a wonderful storyline. You know how you sometimes scream in your head when you are reading a book or watch a movie of a love story genre.. yup, I have it the entire time! Even Twilight didn't manage to faze me at all!! I seriously hope our teenagers will watch this. We just need more of Anna and Azzam!!! Portraying the best of Islam. If you haven't watched it, make sure you find time to watch it. You will love it!!!! ;) I leave you guys with the soundtrack that


Say one was born in a farmer family. Assuming every family member must carry on the legacy brought down in the family line. In this case, it is the farmer-ing thing. Now, some farmers have sticked with the old fashion way of farming while some have adopted new technologies onto their farms. And the most advanced farmers have installed almost everything a farmer could do and have also started teaching others on the importance of advanced technology. At the same time, these advanced farmers also encourage others to take up new expertise. So that many would perform a better job and produce more on their farm. Unfortunately though, the true advanced farmers are very small in numbers. Some who claims to be an advanced farmers are simply just not. Now, it is up to every new farmer to be the best at farm. A farmer could choose to start changing technology as soon as possible. It is true that by changing and adding new technology on a farm, also means more hard work on the farmer's part.

The best remedy~

During my last conference, while waiting for the keynote speech to start, I was sitting next to a fine lady who is 1 year in her PhD quest. She mentioned that she has a poster to be presented that evening. And so, when I told her that I am in my final year and have a baby in my second year she went, "I am single and I still find it hard to focus on my research". She then told me one of her friend's jokes on PhD. The friend of hers said, "Make sure you get a wife not a husband when you are doing your PhD. You need someone to cook for you and care for you not the other way round". If it wasn't because I was in a room filled with intellectual people, I would have laugh my heart out. Since I am married to a 'husband' and have Insyirah as well as home to take care of and no extra money to pay for a maid, I can only resolve to the wasiat left by our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Remember the time when Fatima was complaining about some house chores and t

Quick post

It's 3.58am... I mean 2.59am now Brisbane local time... Before I came to login into blogger I was browsing the catalogue. Yup. I am still actually have some of the tabs left open. Am I a shopaholic? I wouldn't say I am. But do I love shopping? Hmm... I would honestly say that it is building. Having Yaby would ensure that I would still have the balance right since he would keep me away from wandering too far. Hihi... Anyway, it's the time of the year again when people will be seeing with massive amount of shopping bags and of course the once or twice occasions when you felt that you've bumped one another before and your head just went "de javu" but can't remember for sure. Yup. It's the Christmas sale. I just went from "Nak! Nak!" to "Shoot! Where should I go first, Target or BigW?". But the thing is, I am having a conference right now. :( On the positive side, I have finished my presentation yesterday which I think I did quite w