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So I was told to fill one box with items which I felt can be put away before I left for Australia again. My sister has this little idea of a garage sale. In a way I knew that it was about time to clean up my growing up 'treasure' that has been occupying much room in my used-to-be bedroom. Now, in front of me are three spaces; a plastic bag as bin, a box for items that I am keeping and finally the item-for-sale box. Among my 'treasure' was a padlock with no keys that could go with it and a scribble 'kenangan 5r'. Then there is also a tin can with writing on it 'kenangan mrsmkp 1998', a rock with writings, a cup with more writings... LOL... Each time I was holding an item, I would try to remember the origin of the item. That was the easy and best part of the whole cleaning process. The difficult part was to put them where they will future belong. *sigh* In the end, with much hesitation, I finally manage to complete my given task. Then there were my sc


Today I passed by Federal highway. Can't believe there has been so many changes in just 9 months. Upon reaching home, I saw this one advertisement on the billboard which made me go "pergh.. yea right". If only it is true, Malaysia will be a better country in a very short period of time. Oh yes, did I say I am in Malaysia for Raya :P

Reporting the 27th Yaby

It's Yaby's birthday once more. Yesterday after sahur, I was thinking whether I could surprise Yaby this year. Something different for a change. My mind was telling me that I bet he would never suspect it since 1) it's was the 7th, 2) there's not much of meat left in the freezer, and 3) I could cook senyap2 in the dapur without him noticing. But I did not come to a decision until it was almost 1pm. They say what is a birthday without a cake. And so, because I knew if I bake a cake Yaby would definitely suspect something, I've asked Nuha to susun Sha's cupcakes to surprise him. Each SMS that I sent and received from Nuha yesterday was deleted. Punya laa berusaha. And what come in handy was the fact that we had buyer to come to see our stuff around 5pm which lasted until quite close to breaking fast time. I had taken the chance to delay Yaby from makan first and said why not we do our maghrib first. That was when the suspicion arises. *Sigh... * While I was pray

My rock star voice

This morning I woke up 'speech-less'... Hoho... My voice just couldn't be heard anymore. It was as if I was whispering. It is all thanks to some kind of infection. InsyaAllah today I will find my way to the GP (after more than a week of having a cold :p ). This year I had back to back flu-cold like symptoms. Usually I would only have it once a year. Memang an ujian for me this Ramadhan. I remember a GP who told me that there are just thousands of viruses that could cause flu or cold. So one would generally get a lot of free running mucus down one's nose experience in a lifetime. Speaking (not literally ;p) of health, I remember how my young self would hate so much to see the doctor, and how like most kids that I knew would still play in the field or go to school for not wanting to miss out the fun game time. Pendek kata, I seldom see the doctor. But now having kids of my own, whenever insyirah has a temperature, the first place I would want to go is the he

Take FAT!

Just to share on why weight gain does matter for young kids. Yesterday we went to see a paed specialist as to regard with insyirah's weight gain. When asked if I still have concerned on insyirah weight, I honestly told her that 'not anymore'. I mentioned that insyirah looks super fine besides having the flu. I highlighted the point that insyirah is a fussy eater. After some QA on insyirah's intake, she agreed that insyirah might not be getting enough solid. She then showed us the growth chart and that was when I become worried about insyirah's weight again. "You see when a toddler eats, the nutrition will go where they need most", the paed said. Her guess was that all the food that insyirah is getting goes to her brain development (as insyirah's head circumference is at the 50%) and bone (her height is at the 25%), hence, not gaining weight (at the 3%). Her concern is such that she's worried that at one stage, there is not enough n

Quick post

It's funny how Insyirah would make her round every now and then to make sure that I am close to her 'vicinity'. Once she saw me, she would then rushed back to her seat and continue watching Dora. Yup. She has now switched to Dora's mania. Alhamdulillah, lately, she would play to her brink of her energy before showing me that little tantrum of I-am-sleepy-now-ummi-can-you-put-me-to-bed sign. After around 5-10 minutes or so, bum.. she's asleep and I am free to do what ever I want. Hohohoho... Watching her makes me realised that she is growing fast and how I yearn of getting Insyirah another playmate. InsyaAllah soon. :D