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My Ramadhan...

Insyirah is sleeping and I am waiting for the chicken to cook. Might as well use my waiting time on a quick entry. :) Let me see.. it's the sixth day of Ramadhan. Have I used every second of the time wisely? Hmm... aiya, to be honest, I really don't think I have. How much of the Quran have I read? Hmm.. fairly. Although I think, having Ummi last year who recited the Quran almost like 24/7 made me have those extra drives to compete her. I think I read less this year.. *Sigh* Have I had the chance to make sadaqah? Not to this date! "Amelia Wong Azman, sila lah do your part please..." In the early years, true, I fast to get one ringgit per day for every day I fast. Then came the phase, where I felt embarrassed with my friends at school should I not complete the 30 days. It was only years later that I began to comprehend the true call behind fasting performed only for the sake of Allah. If I had to conclude to one point that made me fast during Ramadhan before I establis

Ramadhan once more...

Alhamdulillah most Muslims around the world started fasting today. After completing my terawih prayer yesterday, I remembered my first terawih experience having insyirah around. We did everything we could to distract her. Thank God, it wasn't that difficult yesterday. ;D On the side note, I am hoping this would be the last time I would be spending my Ramadhan from abroad. To all my muslim reader, Happy Ramadhan! -via ks20

That's the way it is...

Many of my concerned friends have asked me how I work and at the same time attended to Insyirah's needs. Since yesterday, I've moved my comfy chair which looks something like this except it is not leather made, into my bedroom replacing my old desk chair. And so, today, I got this.... yup.. Insyirah sleeping on my lap, while I am doing my work (and this entry :P). Kesian anak ummi...

Pergi tak kembali

Indeed the proverb stands "harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama".. but for Allahyarham Ustaz Asri, he left more than just his name. Innalillah wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun I first got the news from friend's status on FB. But what really makes me all sayu and pilu this morning was after reading Awin's entry on Allahyarham which led me then to Assie's and Ustaz Amin's blog . As Awin has put it in her blog, for all these people who have been striving in the name of Allah, reaching out for people.. reminding people on the purpose of our existance, their resting time is indeed when they left this world. May our time comes our way when we are in the best state of Iman. Ameeen... " Kita tak sama nasib di sana, Baikkah atau sebaliknya. " - Pergi tak kembali

Tag from Nurul

Tag by Nurul &Helmi. The rules are:- 1. Write five interesting facts about the person who gave you this award. 2. Jot down ten interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies. 3. Pick your ten most deserving recipients and describe them. 4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged 5. Paste the award badge in your sidebar So here goes. To start with, 5 interesting facts about Nurul and Br Helmi. 1. Second couple met kat Brisbane. 2. Very lovable and fun couple to be around with. They have very very very infectious smile. :D 3. They will go out almost on every weekend masa kat Brissie. 4. Nurul pantang2 on her own masa time Hafiy. Tabik her on this. 5. Introduced Lyn to me! Since I've listed eight here , so two more would be... Fact nine: Prefer Jacob over Edward <-- the Twilight saga Fact ten: I have entries listed as draft because I am not sure if I could post most of them just yet . HohohohohohHOHOHOhohohoho... InsyaAllah mana

Count down...

*like on sesame street* The number for today is - Oneeee - Twoooo - Threeeee - Fourrrrr - Fiveeee - Sixxxx - Seven *intermission by count draculla' laughter* - Eight - Ninee - Tennn - Eleven - Twelve -Thirteen - Fourteen - Fifteen - Sixtennnnn!!! Yes, yes.. I am counting by the hours. As of now, I've been exchanging emails. Once the confirmation is in, I can be at peace. At least for the time being. To insyirah dearest, ummi can play with you soon! ;) Sorry that I haven't spent with you much time the last couple of days. *via ks20

Itu laa..

This week has been a challenge indeed. And it hasn't stop. Not until 4pm, Monday the 3rd... Last week I was ahead of schedule. Manage to complete a part of my programming sooner than the deadline. The fact that I did wait until this week to start my writing IS like someone actually drop a bombshell. Ka-Boommmm.... "Itu laa Amelia Wong Azman. How many time must I say not to delay stuff. Aijooo.. Please laa remember the five before five thingy. This time you missed out two out of five! Hope you learn a lesson this time." It started with Insyirah not feeling well and yesterday (and even now :() I started to feel ache around my back to the pelvic. The flu didn't help me at all too. As I am typing this, there's a plastic bag hanging at my drawer while on the other side is not one but TWO boxes of tissues. *blowing nose* Excuse me. I really need to do a reality check soon too. "Amelia Wong Azman, you are now a mother and a wife laaaa... not single anymore. You do