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Hmm.. which is which... Part 2

Some idiom related to " white ": 1. as white as a sheet Meaning: to be very pale, usually because you are frightened or ill. Example: She was trembling all over and as white as a sheet. 2. as white as snow Meaning: to be very white. Example: His hair and beard were as white as snow. 3. lily-white Meaning: 1. completely white in colour. Example: He marvelled at her lily-white hands. 2. completely honest. Example: He's not exactly lily-white himself, so he has some nerve calling her a cheat! (often negative) 4. whiter than white Meaning: someone who is whiter than white is completely good and honest and never does anything bad. Example: I never was convinced by the whiter than white image of her portrayed in the press. Question now is, does Insyirah fits any of the idiom listed above? hehehehe... Photograph taken after applying Insyirah with tapioca flour. Insyirah got measles since Sunday. This remedy work!!! A good suggestion

We are family~

I didn't plan to do any work after subuh prayer this morning. In fact, I never expect to gain any results from my coding. :) Alhamdulillah... It has been a norm where it's really hard for me to 'be' at my working desk for more than an hour (now) in the morning especially after subuh prayer. Usually, I only manage to press the 'ON' button of my laptop before Insyirah will start making that tiny cry of hers while lurking for her BM. Sigh~ huhu... Anyway, after getting "MyRam - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)" message on my *C++ compiler, I thought I should give myself a credit. So, I step out from my desk, made a few stretches before slowly letting myself into the duvet between my two beautiful 'babies'. On my right was my little baby Insyirah, sleeping calmly though still having her fever. Cian baby ummi.. . While on my left, my dear Yaby. Sleeping soundly. I bet Yaby was in his deep sleep mode since he just made his way to bed while I was tr

Love story...

Books!!! Love them!.. although clearly, I've been reading less these days. :P My last attempt was to read "P.s I Love You" which I borrowed from Lyn but only ended up me reading "Mother Goose Keepsake Collection" instead. Ya lorr... itu Insyirah want to read also maa. Anyway, my favourite genre has always been rooted to the love story circle. Be it a betrayal between love rs to unimaginable sacrifices for the sake of love d ones... I love them all! :) Love ... indeed, it's a subject I love to read or listen to.. but dare not write about. Simply because love is such a delicate subject. And because love delves in the non-physical dimensions, it then falls into the 'subjective' category where there would impossible to have 'the' one answer to define or represent it. And the other point why I'm avoiding writing on love is because I'm afraid someone would quote me in writing. Hohohoho... So why now? Hmm... Just take it as a s

Hmm.. which is which...

Idiom " have a bad hair day ": Meaning: 1. to not feel attractive or happy all day because you cannot make your hair look nice. Example: I'm having a bad hair day today - I just couldn't do a thing with it this morning. (humorous) 2. if a machine has a bad hair day, it does not work as it should all day. Example: My computer's having a bad hair day. -thefreedictionary- So, baby ummi, which one are you ni~~~

Staying focus...

As I am getting older (seriously.. can't believe that I'm making my way up to thirty), I realised that it's getting harder to stay focus in my studies. And of course, those of you who have family and baby(ies) would understand better that it becomes twice harder when you (the mommies) are at home. Late night studies is next to impossible. Hehe.. betul... Not that I want to scare any of you who have family to pursue your studies. In fact, I urge anyone who has the opportunity to go for it. When I became aware that I was pregnant while not even close to submitting my thesis :P, there were mixed feelings. Though I was over the moon knowing that I'm going to be a mom soon, I was getting worried (and still is :P) wondering if I could finish my studies on time. Yup, since it is under the scholarship agreement that I MUST complete my PhD in 3/3.5/4 years. After 8 months of becoming a 'full' time mother, a wife and a student, I began to pick up some points which I

Show me the money....

Gone are the days (at least for these last couple of weeks) when the headlines were showered with news of the so-called made-up-stories on WoT. Instead, everyone was talking about the turmoil on Wall Street. After yesterday's plunged, I'm quite sure, many 'small' organisation in the world would become panic-stricken. What I did not expect reading is the rescue effort made by the IMF - NOT!!! Hmm... Of course, as the International Monetary Fund, the way they are giving a helping hand is to speed-up all loan applications made by countries that are facing funding problems. *sigh~~* I have always got a summary of world crisis be it on war, economy or politics from Daddy. Every weekend when Daddy was at home, he would sit at the front door reading his newspaper. And each time he found some interesting news, he would leave that favourite spot of his, clutch the newspaper in his hand, brought it to the dining room (where we all usually lepak ) and gave his best summary o

Brushing off...

21 minutes ago, I was right here in front of my computer, log in into my YM, read the offline messages before replying to Lyn's messages. Then, I asked to be excused before going to the loo :P and later a quick visit to the bathroom to grab my toothbrush. I checked my email (while brushing my teeth) and later finish up my teeth+mouth cleansing business, wash my face, apply some lotion, did my prayer and tadaaa .. only to find out that now while I'm (barely) typing this (using my oily fingers), I am eating my Southern Fried Chicken. Yup, you bet, I have to brush my teeth again. Sigh~~ If I would have known better that in less than 5 minutes or so after brushing, I am going to mess my teeth with the so-called-finger-licking-good-chicken, I would have put the brushing teeth AFTER I had my chicken. Gosh! I need to do some update with my conscience. :P Too many things had happened this year. From great to the not so good. And at times when the not so good occurred, I wish I c