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Ted's talk

Please have time to watch this. So refreshing... :) p/s: thanks uje!

Knock! Knock!

"Knock! Knock!"... "Who's there?"... and it goes on... But this time I'm not referring to the invisible door, but the actual knock on our 7-feet-tall door. How many of us have experienced the persistent knocking on our door? Or even worse! The million-per-second push on the doorbell which shook the haven of our peaceful crib. And it didn't just end there. It follows by an unfamiliar yet loud voice that say " Assalamualaikum, emak ada? " or " Kami datang nak buat survey ni ". Yup, I know.. I know.. who would not have? And judging from my serious observation, I could easily categorised these 'invaders' into two. One - the "howdy" type i.e. the type of person who would kindly step back when we say we are not interested. And Two which is also the type I am not keen of - the type that I called as aiyo-tak-paham2x-lagi-ker. Here in Brisbane, there are different stories that entail with knocking on the door. For a sta

I've been tagged

Name Tag: Amelia Wong Binti Azman Tagged by: Nadia Jalaludin (aka miss NJ aka miss N) The Rules : 1. Each blogger must post these rules first. 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. 4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog. Fact one: "Adoi..." is the first thing which I've blurted out when reading the tagged message by miss N. Sebab tau memang susah nak pikirkan answer to this. But luckily it has the 'facts' option which I know I have loads to bore anyone who reads it. Hohoho... Fact two: My ideas for blog entry have always come when I'm partially awake. Tak paham? Hmm... for example, I woke up in the middle of the night to get some drink. And when I lay

Quick Post!

Of all people, the person I would least expect to explore the blogging world would be my youngest brother (Yes azam. This is a compliment). His latest entry reminisced how he has become what he is today i.e. crazier and 'macho-er' as he has put it. Well.. if you ask me azam, you where got macho. So like cicak-kubing one. Hehe. .. To me, you will always be the mollycoddle. Huhuhu...  Anyway, reading through my brother's short literature intrigued a statement in my mind - upbringing and environment are indeed the two closest factors that could make us what we are today. I am sure many of you have read the sad story of Sufiah . How the table has turned. In her early years, she made headlines as the young prodigy. But now, headlines about her only brings sad vibes than amaze as we once had. A few weeks back, on this same day, Yaby asked me an interesting question. It was not a riddle but a simple and plain question asked in a Friday sermon. The question was, "If you c

Give is always better than take...

Less than a couple of weeks from now, Australia's calendar marks the Mother's day. And because of that, since last week, we've been getting heaps of fliers for Mother's day sale - 20 to 60% off for shoes, cosmetics, women's wear, jewelry.. and the list goes on covering most of the items 'mothers' aka 'women' wants. In other words, almost EVERYTHING laaa . In my family, we seldom celebrate birthdays let alone Mother's day or Father's day or Children's Day or Labour day or Anzac day or Australia day... except for Teachers day but this also ends when I finished my secondary school. To me, this Mother's day or Father's day thing has always been a successful and intelligent propaganda invented by some secret-organization-of-retailers to scrape every last cents we've earned only to profit them i.e. the secret-organization-of-retailers. Having said that, for some OBVIOUS reason, I kinda feel excited to 'celebrate' this