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This video was taken this morning after several successful attempts made by Ayah yesterday to make baby Insyirah 'sad'... huhuhuhu...

Insyirah and her rashes... :P

Especially for ain, here are Insyirah's latest photos. She just got her rashes :(. The midwife assured me those rashes will go away without the need of any medication. I sure hope she's true.. kalau tak, cian muker baby Insyirah.. :D

When I can't wait to go back home...

I know lately my posts didn't involve any opinion as such. This definitely shows you that I clearly have been reading less interesting material. Interesting as in would require some further reading or search on the related stuff. Most of my reading currently circulating in the PhD-based material. Sigh... Well actually, it is not entirely true as I've been 'forced' with the interesting update, from the government point of view, on the coming general election. Yup, from Utusan laa.. where else ? All I can say about the upcoming election, "May the best man win, fair and square ..." :) As my entry title had highlighted, today I just can't wait to go home! Yup, it's my first time that I have to be apart for more than an hour from baby Insyirah. Usually, when I am working from home, I'd make sure that I have at least a quick peek of Insyirah every hour. Today, for the first time, I've been looking at my watch every now and then and couldn't