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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Resolution 2019x4

Oh no.. I think I might have just push my joke a little too much! 😂😂😂

You see.. from Jia to Bahim and now to Tia.. when each of them reached around 3 to 5 years of age, I have always pranked them with one made up classic prank. I told them my Bumblebee aka a 14 year old Perodua Kelisa is in fact a real Robot. Yes.. yes.. I did~ 😝😝😝

I would tell them, that it would only turned into a robot when everyone in the world asleep. Yes.. that's the tricked - that condition will never be true. BUT since at that age they have still not grasp the concept of time of the world, they don't see that coming. So principally, I have not lied. 😝

With Jia and Bahim.. they never go so much deeper into the idea. They would stop questioning after a while. I guess they could see me true. In a way, it didn't work so well because I fail to control thw smirks while tyring to hold back my laughter.

Over the time, I became better at controlling myself. Yup!~ The best thing is - Jia and Bahim also played an important role in the whole pranking process.

Me: Tia, did you know that bumblebee turned into robot when all people are asleep?
Tia: Is it?
Me: Yes.. that's why sometimes you see bumblebee all dirty. Because he was playing football with his friends.
Tia: You mean there are more robots?
Bahim: Yes Tia.. all cars.. lorries.. (Bahim join in the fun)
Tia: You mean the lorry turned into big robots?
Bahim: Yes! (He answered it convincingly) And  do you know that motorcycle and bicycle too can transform? They turned into Robot Monkeys. (At this point, I knew I don't have to do much of the hard work already 😜)

Tia was already almost convinced.

As a bus passed by, Tia said - "how about the bus.. can the bust change?"
Me: Yup.
Tia: But why they didn't change in the morning?
Me: If all the cars, lorries, busses, became robot in the morning, then how arw we going to go to school or to work?
Tia: (After a long pause) Hmm.. I think I know why they didn't change in the morning.
It was my turn to ask 'why?' to which she answered - "because they don't want us to see them as robots!"

I can only laugh harder hearing this.

For the record, at the time of this post is published, she is still convinced of our the robot prank. She would ask if all the cars are talking to each other. For this, it was Jia's idea to say that all of them do. But they speak at high frequencies which cannot be heard by the human. That's why I began with - MAYBE I (or should I say WE) have gone too far! 😂😂😂

To wrap up the post and coming back to the title of the post - now that we are already in mid January, I want to believe 2019 would be greater just as how Tia believed that all vehicles are robots when everyone is asleep. I know simply "believing" is not enough and that I must put effort to work out for a better 2019. With that, all the best everyone! 😘😘😘

P/S: maybe I should start with less pranking on kids?

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