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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aku Kaya~

So this morning, my younger sister shared a post on the WhatsApp. It was a simple image concluding that indeed "I am richer than I think"

It was as if coincidence, that Jia, upon reaching the office asked me, "Mi-mi, why rich people love to have leather seats for their car?"

I laughed to that remark because it reminded me of what I told them last Sunday. Last Sunday, since Yaby was away, my kids and I had to trouble my sister-in-law to drive us back home from Cheras. We borrowed my in-law's car. It was a car with leather seats and had been under the sun for a long good hours. What happened was, as I put Miyam into the car, she jolted and cried 'hot' 'hot' 'hot'. The other three kids followed suit. Adoilah emak nya pun boleh lupa 😂😂😂. After saving Miyam from her little turmoil, Jia asked, "why was it so hot". I explained to her that it was because the seats are made out of leather unlike our car. When she continued asking "why then would people have leather seats", I replied saying - "rich people prefer to have cars with leather seats". 😅😅😅

Jia: Mi-mi, why rich people love to have leather seats for their cars?
Me: Ahahahaha.. guess what? Mama Siti has a car with leather seats too.
Jia: Mama Siti is rich because she is a doctor and doctor gaji banyak (high income).
Me: Ahahaha.. who told you that?
Jia: Cousin A told me that.

The conversation stopped abruptly because they want to find food for hungry Bahim.

Later in the evening, I decided to continue with today's topic. So I asked my kids what they understand about being rich on our way back home.

Me: Tia, do you know what is rich? In Malay it is 'kaya'.
Tia: I don't know Mi-mi.
Me: How about you Jia. What is it you think that make one kaya?
Jia: hmm... (after a while).. Rich is when you have a lot of something?
Me: How about you Bahim?
Bahim: hmm.. (after a while).. Rich people has pretty house. Rich people has a lot of money.
Me: So, how about us Bahim. Are we rich?
Bahim: Ya.. because our house maybe (is) pretty.

I later explained to them that rich can come in many forms. In our teaching, being rich does not only relate to having a lot of money alone.

To conclude, I know I am waYyYYyyyYyyYYY richer than I think. Especially when someone surprised me with 'a lot of' charms! 😝😝😝 

Happy anniversary to both of us. I asked for a practical gift but Yaby decided to spoil me with these. Boleh buat selalu ni. Hehehe

Thank you Allah for everything. Alhamdulillah wastaghfiru~

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