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Friday, October 19, 2018

The shift~

It was just like yesterday that I waited more than two hours to cast the ballot in our GE14. I have actually planned to write something immediately after the 100 days was over and as you can see - I failed to stick with the plan. Huhu.. But I guess, better late than never. 

I thought of sharing what I feel about this major reshuffling of Malaysia.

1. Do I care that not all 10 promises were fulfilled?
Honestly - N.O.P.E. I guess this goes to many Malaysians too. We were mostly driven by the spirit to oust the corrupt government who felt they are above the law and invincible enough that they can do anything they want. We want to make a statement that enough is enough toying with us. Sigh.. simply could not believe the amount of the People's money spent to fulfill their own desire. All the money could have been used to build better public facilities like schools and hospitals. Sigh.. sampai hati betul~

2. If they can't even fulfill all 10 promises, why should we trust them with the government?
My take is - give them a chance. They have never run a full country before. If they are not doing well, the People of Malaysia will change for a better stronger opposition. Done deal. If you are not able to accept this fact, then ask yourself this - now that a lot (of smelly sh*t) has come out from the previous government, would you rather have them? If you answer 'No', then seat back but don't be relax. Lets monitor this new government together but with an open mind and a fair set of a pair of eyes.

3. What do I have to say with the 3rd National car?
As much as there are people who are against the idea, there are also those who agreed with the idea. I am very much of the former. Maybe I don't really see the vision our Tun M is having. But if you asked me, I would start of with something more basic like investing into agriculture. Like seriously - why are we still importing food in large volume? We should have sought out on how we could sustain without major import. I have also been amused by the fact that Saudi Arabia can have their own dairy farm IN THE DESERT producing cheese product lagi tu~ Yes I love cheese after chocolate! So if it was me, I would put back UPM as University Pertanian Malaysia~ 😅😅😅

I would also put some allocation towards defense development. I am talking about real knowledge transfer research and development in this field as well as in agriculture. I remember the time when we had a series of helicopter crashing incidents. I always wonder if there were any investigations on the crash. Could the crash occur due to the failure in the electronics/software configurations or malfunctioned due to wear hardware parts that were not noticeable? I just felt the need for dedicated strength and people in this area to ensure the sovereignty of our country. Nothing more.

My other focus would be, still in the basic category, is to be a 'producer'. I realised that a lot of what we Malaysia have, puts us as the end user category (except for palm oil I guess~). For example, some countries have the means, expertise and technology to produce their own textiles. We need to start thinking on how we could become the manufacturer.

4. So, am I implying that I regret with the current government?
There were statements or choices made by the government which I disagree. But the answer to this question - Not at all. In fact the opposite. Why???

There are just too many positive outcomes to overshadow my disagreement. Here are some which come at the top of my head. 
No 1 - there are more well-educated appointees who would literally work for the people (I pray that they would continue to istiqamah) and to represent the people of Malaysia. No 2 - we get to close down GLCs which the establishment only to profit certain pockets. No 3 - people are more open to discuss topics which used to be a taboo openly. No 4 - University students are allowed to get involved in politics without worrying about being suspended from the University.  No 5 - no more lost of Billion of Malaysian Ringgit. No 6 - the current government admits they are not perfect i.e. open to criticism. No 7 - I would say they are more transparent. No 8 - more wakil rakyat turun padang.

5. If everything is all good, why are there building criticism towards the current government?
Let me just correct that statement. I didn't say 'everything'. No one actually bold enough to say 'everything is all good'. And remember, point No 3 and No 6 above~

In my opinion, this concept of 'everything' is in fact the underlying problem behind all of the nonconstructive criticisms.

First of all, we need to acknowledge the fact that they are only in power at an infant stage. There is always a learning curve to everything. At the moment, I am giving them A LOT OF the benefit of the doubt. Kita bagi can laa... Should they continue to repeat and fail over and over the same problem, come next election, we UBAH again. Hence, the reason why we need a strong opposition. So to the opposition, please roll up your sleeves! YOU have a very big responsibility on your shoulder. Good luck! 

6. What can we do now?
That is a good question indeed. I guess, for a start, we can start by changing ourselves first. We need to get rid of all racial sentiments i.e. start thinking as ONE (and nope, I am not implying Satu Malaysia 😂😂😂). Educating our younger generation is vital. We need to achieve the harmony we once embraced dearly. My parents never have to tell me Muthu is an Indian boy name or Mei Ling is a Chinese girl name. I experience that at school! I must admit that Yaby's and my decision to send our kids to school close to our workplace has led us to this one major downside - they don't mix. Being well educated is always a step towards a better future. With that.. I rest my case. Hehehe

May Allah bless Malaysia with good leadership.. Aamiin

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