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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Re-post: Trap in the middle...

If someone who doesn't know me ask how would I described myself in ONE word.. I will have to say - "easygoing". But that is not how my siblings have seen me. To them, the word that really suit me, would be - "boring". 😅

At first I didn't think I'm such of a person. Despite all the effort that my siblings have put in order to make me understand what a boring person I could be, either in between lines or straight forward, I just couldn't see how they would see me as a boring person. All I did was to stick with my schedule (God knows how much I hate last minute work), making plans (how could anyone work without plans?), abiding rules (if they say at 2pm then we should be there before 2pm isn't it?).. how can this possibly be boring? 😅

It was not until one fine day.

I was browsing my younger sister's friendster profile. At that time she has just finished form five. It was when I was browsing her uploaded photos that something went straight to my head. I just realised that I don't have all 'that'. She was always busy with her academic and non-acedmic things but still have the time for all 'that'. It was then, that everything that my siblings had told me, about me being 'boring', starting to make sense. 😅

But things have change a little... 

I am 31 weeks pregnant. And if my baby wish to stay comfortably in my 'belly' for 40 weeks full, then, that would mean it's 9 weeks left before she's 'out'. Like most parents, by now, I have everything ready for the baby. A complete set of everything from baby's clothing to baby's wash. This however is NOT at all true.. except for me being 31 weeks pregnant. Hohohoho... This would only happen if the 'boring' me was left in charge. As I had put it earlier on, things have changed a little.

As of today, I only had bought 2 newborn suit (that is with much great effort). No mittens, no booties, no baby's bath time thingy, no toys... Why? Simply because unlike me, Yaby IS totally my opposite. To him, there's still plenty of time and 9 weeks is a long way to go. Deep down inside me, my heart is screaming Aijooo... so susah.

~Dec 2007~


As of to this date, Yaby is still pro on the adhoc idea. As for me, I have stuck back to having plans. Hehe.. 

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