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Friday, April 27, 2018

Fo'u'r Fatihah!

Happy birthday Tia! May Allah guide your enthusiasm and beautify your actions more! Aamiin! 

Tia, at 4 years old, you showed that you can be a good sister to Little Nyum Nyum. You love your little baby sister soooOOooooo much. You would hug her and be sad if you see that Little Nyum Nyum was playing with koko and cheche. Hihihi.. Remember.. it's good to share and you need to share you Little Nyum Nyum. InsyaAllah you and Little Nyum Nyum will be your best buddy for life! Hihi

Mi-mi realised that you are more observant and you always speak your mind. A few times you corrected me and I am ever so thankful. Cheche also did the same. But when you said it, I am more 'scared'. Hehe.. I pray that these qualities would benefit you more in the future. 

This year, you asked Ya-yah to buy you a strawberry cake. We couldn't find one since we are always sooooo last minute in celebrating birthdays. But Alhamdulillah, you were still happy and that you love the cake which Ya-yah bought for you readily from the Secret Recipe. Hehehe..

Tia, being small is fun. I know you said you are sad because you are only 4 years old. Trust me when I say that if you ask many adults, they would say that the best time of their lives is being kids. Being kids means you have lesser responsibilities and problems! When the times come, you will grow beautifully and smatter and wiser insyaAllah. 

Mi-mi love you loads! Stay cheeky and never naughty OK Tia. Muahx!

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