Saturday, July 8, 2017

My very own Maryam~

It was at 10:37 pm 21st April when I first felt the contraction sensation. That very Friday, a lot had happened. It started off with Siti's family returning home safely from their holiday in Tokyo in the morning. Then, the whole day we were busy sending back and forth messages making plans since Azam and family were on their way back home to Malaysia - that same night! ..including plan on when baby Maryam best came out 😋. We were all excited.. very-very excited. 

Continuing on where I've left - Although the contraction had been regular, I wasn’t sure to inform my family because there was no spotting. It was only contractions and I was only at 36 weeks. 

When the contraction was 7 minutes apart I informed my family about it. Little did we know that it will be a false contraction.  

By 5 am, the contraction slowly disappear. Was I frustrated? Yes! Hihi..  I have been making Dua that if it was the best for me and the baby to come out anytime soon, then I would gladly accept the fate.

Everything went back to normal routine came the next day until Thursday the 27th April 2017.. 

If anyone would asked me how best would I describe the 27th April, I would say that it MUST be one of the QUALITY-EST 24 hours of my life! 😆

In the morning, we sang Happy Birthday song to Tia while circling her on the bed. Alhamdulillah, she finally turned 3. On the very same day, the University was having its annually Quality Day. I then had early lunch with wonderful colleagues and had a good laughed about whether or not my baby had engaged. Then came lunch hour, I was surprised by my wonderful usrati who brought delicious donuts and chocolate moist cake and colourful balloons! Right after my Zohor prayer, I had arranged final meetings with my supervisees.  Came evening, both Tia and I waited for Ya-yah to fetch us from home before fetching Jia and Bahim at school. We had planned to dine out to celebrate Tia’s birthday. Once home from birthday dinner, me and Yaby decided to watch Hidd3n F1gures.. that was of course after chasing all the kids to bed. 😊    

Just for the record, after the false alarm incidence, I had been experiencing Braxton Hicks the entire week. It was to the extent that I was forced to do some research and investigation on Braxton Hicks. Adeh~ My conclusion from all that readings.. mothers tend to experience false alarm after their 3rd pregnancies. And so, at around 10 pm (plus minus) when I started to experience another series of contractions, I just ignored them. I didn’t really time the contraction because I was too busy watching and~ I thought it was only just another Braxton Hicks. By the time we finished watching the movie, it was already past 11 pm.

While I was getting ready to go to bed, it was then I realised that there was a heavy spotting. I remember clearly the feeling I had that very moment.. it was a mixture of 20% worried plus 80% super excited. I shouted from the bathroom – “Yaby, kali ni confirm!” and smiling in excitement.

I made a call to Klang informing my parents and ask if they could come by to my place to standby because I was pretty sure the baby will be out before Subuh. Daddy agreed to come.

By the time Daddy reached my home, the contraction was still 7 minutes apart. I wanted to stay longer at home but daddy being my daddy, literally instructed (read: ordered) me and Yaby to go to the Hospital at once.. hehehe.. and so we left. Truth must be told, I did ask Yaby if I could eat durian before surrendering myself in which of course he said NO to. I was just trying my luck anyway 😝. (Note: There were durian stalls right in front of the hospital’s parking lot and yes, they were still open after midnight! 💗)

Once in the hospital, they monitor my contraction and told me that I was 3cm dilated.  They then showed us the way to my ward instead of the labour room. I couldn’t recall how many times for sure I had requested for someone/anyone to break my water bag.. just so I could be on active labour and insyaAllah the baby would be out much sooner. As you may have guessed, none of them was considering that as an option – including Yaby. And so, I had to force myself to fall asleep. 😷

But of course, I wasn’t at all in my normal sleeping pattern. Between 1 am and 4:30 am, a few times I was awaken just because I was simply not in the mood of sleeping (can’t wait to meet the baby ma~), twice because I need to ‘go’ and once because of Yaby’s alarm. The alarm went off to wake him up for the Man U versus Manchester City game. Hihi.. and I must say that I had never been happier to see him wide awake for the sake of watching a football match before. LOL! 😂

At around 4:30 am, after my second trip to the toilet, I told Yaby about the unusual discharge I was having. I saw too much blood clotting. Yaby called for the nurse and after a quick inspection she said I was now at 6cm. She finally said that she would call the doctor. Yeay!

At 5 am, Yaby and I were escorted to the labour room. 6 minutes later, the doctor came in and made a quick check on my dilation. I heard she said, “tapi kepala ni jauh lagi”. I quickly jumped in to tell the Doctor again about my water bag experience. Alhamdulillah she took my word for it and prepared for the procedure.

It was exactly 14 minutes past 5 when I started to have the urge to push. The Doctor wasn’t around though. I told Yaby that I really feel like pushing. A nurse came in and when I told her about it she responded saying, "kenapa tak beritahu awal-awal". Well, I have thought the doctor went out to get ready. 😅

Several minutes later, she came in with the Doctor and it all began. It was at that moment too, the Doctor asked me if I had consumed virgin coconut oil or air selusuh (which I don’t have a clue about it). It was the second time I was asked that very same question. The first occur during the early monitoring of my contraction. It sure left me wondering why. If it wasn’t because I was on the verge of pushing baby Maryam out into the world, I would have asked my Doctor why they need to know.

Fast forward skipping the part when I felt super thirsty as well as when I refused to hold the bed handle bar instead of Yaby's plush hand (kesian tangan Yaby sakit.. 😋I love you Yaby), after two long pushes.. I heard the cry I had been so much looking forward too! She was the loudest among the four. Hihi.. Alhamdulillah baby Maryam weighing at 3kg safely found her way out to meet me and her Ya-yah at 5:46am.. three minutes short from Subuh prayer on 1st Syaaban 1438, 28th April 2017. We thought she might share the same birth date as Tia. Indeed, Allah knows best! 

My Beautiful Maryam

AllahuAkbar.. AllahuAkbar.. AllahuAkbar.

Thank you everyone who made prayer for me and the baby. Thank you to all who came to visit me and Maryam and for all the great gifts! (Terasa nak jadi baby sebab boleh dapat gold chain for free~ hehehe) Thank you to our parents who have been supporting us mentally on top of others. To Daddy, thank you for equipping our fridge with fresh ingredients for me to cook during my confinement for the third time ever since I had Bahim. Thank you so much for your care and concern Daddy! I know I can never repay you and Ummi for everything you both have done for me and my family.

May Maryam bt Yasir grew up to be beautiful inside out and bring coolness to my eyes. Aameen 😍



angah sam said...

MashaAllahh Alhamdulillah.tahniah kak elly. Hihi anak akak angah pon Maryam. Maryam binti Imran.

ellyWong said...

Boleh geng nanti InsyaAllah. Hihi

Chekgu Azrine said...

congrats sis..dan selamat berpantang...

Muteq Chin said...

Alhamdulillah. Tahniah :) Moga maryam membesar jadi anak yang solehah.