Thursday, June 8, 2017

Quick Post~ Manisnya Berusrah~

Today is the 13th of Ramadan.. but.. it's only my second day of fasting. Hihi.. 

I know Ramadan is not the best time to waste time on writing a blog post or watching or playing etc. It is the month where we should embrace our Quran more. That's why I promise that I would not spend more than 20 minutes on this entry. The 'urge' that I had before starting this entry was just too overwhelming that I have to pour this out to stop my brain from messing my day. LOL!

Things are a little different for me this year. With packed scheduled right before my maternity leaves, I have missed Circles and Hadith classes. And this is the first Ramadan ever since coming back from Australia that I have missed Tadarus with great Beautiful Muslimah of KoE. The feeling - sangat-sangat rindu.

You might said that the extrovert side of me must have made me felt that way.. that it drains me out not being able to be energised from having meeting people. You might be right. But there are other elements and reasons for just having all those things.. which I find it difficult to describe here in writing.. 

I have met people who have the notion that there is little reasons to go to usrah or to be in classes when we can get all of it online i.e. lectures on youtube etc. Let me tell you this - it is very much different. You have to be part of 'one' to understand. :-)

I hope this entry calms my heart. Nanti kita cari geng usrah ye~ Hihihi. 

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