Saturday, April 29, 2017

T is for Tia@3!

Happy birthday my dearest Fatihah! Mi-mi’s and Ya-yah’s forever-happy-cheeky-clever-and-energetic 3 year old solehah girl. We love you so much! May Allah continue to bless and guide you Tia!!

Truth must be told.. I didn’t manage to post up this birthday shout out entry on your birthday. Not that because I love you a little less.. but because you and your siblings were as excited as I was waiting for your little baby sister! We have thought the baby would share the same birthday as you. Turned out she wants to wait 5 hours 47 minute little longer. Hihihi

Now.. how was you over the past one year..

At your childcare, your teacher described you as a very friendly and playful little girl. You would easily make friends and play with everyone in your room. Your teacher also told Mi-mi that you like to lead during activities. I guess that's the reason why you had to join the 3 year old class when you just barely past your second birthday. Alhamdulillah, you are coping well at ‘school’ and I knew you can handle anything. Hihi...

Back at home, you were less likely left to be in charge. Hihi.. Cheche and Koko would just not let you. Adoi lawak. Because of that, you love to stir the other two whenever you can. Usually, you would later come back at me and said, “Mi-mi.. Cheche don’t want to play with me” or “Mi-mi.. Koko don’t want to share his toys with me” or “Mi-mi, they don’t want to open the door”. Ololololo.. kesian pun ada

I knew, they are not to be blamed 100%. 


Please know that Cheche and Koko played differently these days. They made stories with their toys. So how they positioned their toys and what to do next is not the same as how you wanted them toys to be. Because your Cheche and Koko love you, they did try to put up with you by giving you other toys and setting up the toys. But that didn’t work since you really really really want to join them. I hope, the four of you will always love and cherished one another no what came between the four of you. Muahx!

To best end this entry, I would put here the usual funny conversation I had with you in the car..

M: Can I eat you?
T: Noooo~
M: Can I eat Cheche?
T: Yessss~
M: Can I eat Koko?
T: Yessss~
M: Haaaa~~ you love Cheche or not?
T: Yesssssss
M: Do you love Koko or not?
T: Yesssssss
M: If you let me eat Cheche and Koko, than there will be no more Cheche and Koko.

You would usually ended up laughing. Hihihi..

Happy birthday again Tia! Mi-mi, Ya-yah, Cheche and Koko love you so much!!! Stay happy! Muahx!

p/s: You are still a hair-puller up to this date~ :-p

Friday, April 21, 2017

Quick Post~

I am not a poet; I am not a writer,
I am just a wife and a mother,
Yet here I am squeezing my brain,
Thinking about something to write which I don't know how to begin.

Should it be about family?
Should it be about love?
Should it be about respect?
Or should it be about all of the above?

Words don't come easy for me -
Urghh how do I explain,
That without communication, a relationship will be in vain?
Be it husband and wife; be it parents and children connection,
Be it brother and sister; be it all the other relation.

Someone told me you must listen to understand - not listen to reply,
Though I don't understand it thoroughly,
I figured it meant - you must give your full attention,
And not just your emotion,
When having a conversation.

Correct me if I am wrong, because I myself am still learning,
Learning about understanding human being,
Which is such a difficult task,
That I pray I will somehow pass.


p/s: It's another AWA in ma family~