Sunday, December 25, 2016

To the moon~

We were on the road from Malacca. It had passed Maghrib and the sky was pouring. Tia was lying down while resting her head on my lap looking outside the car window.

Out of a sudden, Tia sat down, looked at me and asked, "Where's the moon?"

Wanting to make her go to sleep, I answered, "The moon is sleeping Tia. That's why you can't see it."

She looked outside again, and asked the same question again, "Where's the moon?"

For the second time I answered, "The moon is sleeping."

Tia: No mi-mi! Moon cannot sleep.
Me: (I laughed) Then.. why can't you see the moon?
Tia: ...

Tia: Because it is raining!
Me: (smiling) Yes Tia. But why when it is raining you cannot see the moon? (my turn to ask the question)
Bahim: Because when it's raining, the clouds cover the moon. The moon is behind the clouds.
Me: Why there must be clouds when it is raining?
Jia: It is because, the clouds bring the rain. If there is no cloud, then there's no rain.

May Allah bless the three of you forever more! Muahx!

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