Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quick Post

To reach a time like no other,
When love talk becomes splendour,
Remain steadfast in Allah's border,
And everything shall dance in order.

mdm ellywong

*First published at Amalina's FB status*

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our grow...

I promised myself that I won't take too much time writing this down. Hihi.. I just had too.. 

So I decided to plant some flowery plants - again! That is after my fail attempt in taking care of rose plant. This time, K Han was being very kind to give me rose jepun (as what she called it).

The first 4~
I went to the nearest Dais0.. bought myself 4 pots.. requested daddy to bring me some top soil.. hihi.. Yup! I was super excited! Me and kids had even assigned one pot each and fabricated the most-blooms competition which takes place everyday. Basically the pot with most flowers wins! Hoho.. Everything seems to go as plan. Every evening we will go to our pots and count those flowers. Some day my pot has the most flowers.. another day Jia's.. Bahim's and Tia's.

Then came my first hurdle.. we were going to Japan for more than a week. For days I had been thinking what to do with the flowers. Should I put it at my parking spot? Should I seek help from my neighbours? In the end, I had arranged everything in the toilets on the departure day. One pot under one dedicated dripping tap as suggested by Chena (too bad I didn't have a photo of it! Hihi). 

Upon returning from our vacation, I could say that I was glad that the flowers were still alive although looking rather 'weak'. A few days under the perfect sunlight and good amount of water, the plants started to bloom nicely again. I was happy again.

Little did I know that the happiness was not going to last after all...

K Han was again kind enough to give me a new batch of flowers. Excited I was, I went to Dais0 again and this time I bought some soil from G1ant. I was more than happy at that time because I finally had a full stretched of flower pots as I had always wanted. Things started to fall apart 3 weeks later..

I began to notice that my plant in the  biggest pot turned yellow. I seldom get to see what was happening around it since I placed it on a higher ground. As I pulled the flower pot, I was horrified to see white insects eating my flowers happily beramai-ramai. I didn't  know how or where they came from. But I do know my flowers are dying. Not knowing what I should do, I literally put everything in a bag and dumped it. It was a domino fall thereafter.. one pot after another... three pots left to this date.

White naughty insects eating my plants!

I contacted my personal plant expert, Chezel, to get some light on the unfortunate event. She advised me lots and that was also when I knew that I shouldn't have thrown the soil after all. Hihi.. All I have to do was to put it under the sun for sometime. Adeh.. rugi good soil. I was also advised to look for the white insects every now and then to remove it to stop it from multiply.

In life, we sometimes overlooked some matters or not prepared with adequate knowledge to even realised that you are in TROUBLE. You might think you are doing all good, but you didn't notice that there are some problems which started small at first or because you didn't know about it, you dismissed it. Very soon, the problem gets bigger and it consumes you.

One terrifying example for this is a matter linked with the heart - ujub. Nauzubillah hi minzalik. One might think they are growing more flowers (deeds) by the day but didn't realised that there are white insects (ujub) eating the plant killing those flowers. If one had known that insects would kill one's plant, one would take immediate actions. One would monitor (muhasabah) the plants well and look for the white insects and disposed all of them before things would get any worse i.e. no more flowers. Kan?~~

May this be a reminder to myself especially and that Allah protect our hearts and that our grow (imaan) to be preserved. May Allah continue to guide us all too especially in this Holy month of Ramadan. Amiin ya Allah.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Yaby's two cents ~ No. 4


I am holding a pen,
It is my pen,
It is my pen now, but not forever,
Tomorrow it might no longer be mine,
Tomorrow it might be broken,
Tomorrow it might be stolen,
Tomorrow You might take it back away from me.

I have some cloths now,
I have a nice car now,
I have a beautiful house now,
Have Nice Job... Nutritious Foods... Savings Money...
Have Happy Family... Good Physical... Everything...
But tomorrow will they still be mine?
Are they actually... really... mine?

Thank You for all these bounties.
Thank You for providing me with so much.
But I always forgotten,
Always feel proud and greedy,
Always looked down at others without pity,
Always forgotten that it was never because of me,
As if all these bounties will be freely LEASED forever to me.