Friday, May 27, 2016

My Usrati~

In the last few days, I seemed to be discussing the matter of 'usrah' more than any other topics. Hihi. I remember the first 'intervention' I encountered with regards to usrah.

~Long long time ago..

.. about 18 years ago, I had the chance to meet Cikgu Mashitah. She was a chemistry teacher who wore tudung labuh and had a soft voice. One day, after Zuhur prayer on one Friday at the Musolla, I saw Cikgu Mashitah and I walked towards her. We began to talk about Islam especially on our roles as children to our parents. Although it was a one off and we never declare it as an 'usrah', I somewhat felt happy to be seating with her discussing about Islam. There is one in particular that I remember to this date from her sharing. She said something like;
Dalam setiap keluarga selalunya ada Permata (among children). Berusahalah kita untuk menjadi Permata itu. - Cikgu Mashitah
Where ever she may be right now, I pray for her best state of health and iman. Amiin!

Cikgu Mashitah

A few months later, while I was in college, I was fortunate enough to have chalet-mates who introduced me with reading Al-Mulk before going to bed. You know the feeling when you played any games and at one point in the game it says "achievement unlocked" and you'll go "YES!". Yup! That was how I felt. It's the second "achievement unlocked" after I fall in love with Al-Mathurat. I still remember going to the market to buy the purple Al-Mathurat and the small white and greenish book containing selected Surah just as I have seen the two books in my friends' book collections. It's like - FINALLY I have one of my own! Hoho..

Not long after that, these good people called for the first usrah seating. I was all excited already. In our first seating, we were contemplating on surah Al-Fatihah. Truth must be told. It was also then that I only knew that most scholars has agreed that "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" is a part of the surah making it seven ayah in total. At that moment, I did feel like I was the most jahil person of them all. Huhuhu.. Thanks girls for all the great effort! 

Mara girls!

Three months after the above photo was taken, all of us had the opportunity to go to the UK. 

Many would say that being away from your family ABROAD would mean:
a. you are free to do anything you want without having needed to be worried what your parents going to say; 
b. there's no one who is really there to stop you from what you decided to do; 
c. there are wide range of friends and experience you could choose from.
..and guess what I did. I decided to follow all three options above. :-)

From the option above, I decided that:
a. ..I am free to follow any circle group I want to without having to worry what my parents would to say;

b. ..there's nothing to worry about since, not Ummi or Daddy was there to stop me from deciding to do 'a'. In fact, Ummi and Daddy were happy that someone was there to look after me; 

c. ..yes, true.. there are wide range of friends and experience I could choose from. Therefore I chose a circle of friends who would correct me if I did anything wrong, who would listen to me and advise me 'when' and 'what' I needed the most.. a friend who could share my laughter and my sorrow. Thank you Eeda, Kak Nadia,  Kak Fizah, Fedy, Bugs, Azie, Bert and Akmal for becoming the best hall-mate and usrah-mate anyone could ask for! Then there were also Kak Nogha and Kak Juju my study-mate cum usrah-mate, Kak Amani, Kak Fadiah, Kak Ila and Kak Wan - the batch geng and my usrah-mate! Hihihi 
From my personal humble experience, one of the highlights of studying abroad is definitely you'll learn to cherish and appreciate your religion more. I personally learn a lot about Islam during my time there. I got to listen to international speakers and great minds discussing on matters relating to our religion. It was simply a beautiful experience. Oh how I missed those days. 

Having said that, the outcome of above might be different if not for the wonderful characters whom I got to meet when I was there in the UK. Without any order, there were Kak Fadz, Kak Mis, Kak Sham, Kak Yati, Kak Ween, Kak Shahida, Kak Hanim and Kak Mar to name a few - all of whom were my loving seniors, my caring naqibah. Each and everyone of them has the quality that I admire and look up too. May Allah bless them all. Amiin!

Among many memories with them all :D

So where am I going with this post? Some might disagree with the whole concept of having usrah. Least I would do to change that. Joining usrah is a matter of choice. What I shared was merely my journey and how grateful I was to Allah Who showed me the path which I think best suits me i.e. having a circle of friends whom I can proudly called - my usrati.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Since it has happened much too often now, I couldn't help myself not to post this up. LOL!

So this morning, while washing the dishes, Tia was asking me for something. Since she hasn't really had enough vocab to actually explain things.. I had only one choice that was to leave everything and went where ever she would take me.

As she was pointing to the small folded table, I knew she was asking me to help her to open the table so that she could use it to have her breakfast.

And so it happened..

Me: Tia.. say.. "I want the table please". Now say, "I"
Tia: I
Me: "want"
Tia: one.. two.. three.. four..
Me:  😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing!