Wednesday, April 27, 2016

T is for Tia and T is for Two~


Oh there are just so much that I can spill here about your past one year.. that's what happen in any toddler year. ;-)

Hmm.. to start with, I would say, Alhamdulillah, I have no problem sending you off to school. I can sense that you are more independent compared to your CheChe and KoKo. I guess the confidence must be the result of the love and care your CheChe and KoKo have given you (of course from Mi-mi and Ya-yah too! Hihi). You know everyone loves you and that's why you always feel good about yourself. Yes Tia, CheChe and KoKo have been very patient with you. They tend to give you everything you asked for.. yup.. up to this date. Hihi.. 

Not sure if you remember this.. one time, you were not well and that I had to bring you to class. I could not cancel the class because we have had to cancel too many classes already due to the bad haze. In the past, I had brought CheChe and KoKo to my class too. However, unlike Cheche and Koko, you conquered the class. You roamed the class like a healthy toddler. I had to make barricades to stop you from moving about. But you managed to crawl from under the table. Hehehe.. adeh~ ..and you are the first to successfully make scribbles on the class wall! Yikes! (sshhh.. I haven't cleaned them yet. Planning to do it during this short semester. Hihihi).

Another memorable and funny experience you shared with us was the time you had to go to the naughty corner. Hihi.. Adeh.. each time when you were instructed to be posted at the naughty corner (usually because you didn't want to share toys), you would walk slowly head down while making that crying sound under your breath. Memang kesian pun ada ummi tengok.. but had to. LOL! Thank you for being so funny Tia! Hihi

Thought you might want to know too. You didn't called yourself Tia the first time. The first was something else. But after doing some search, I found out that there is a not-so-good meaning in other language tied to it. That's why we didn't call you that. It was only quite recently that you got to Tia. After a quick search again making sure there is no bad meaning to it we made it official for you. :-)

May you continue to be one solehah and happy and healthy and carefree girl for me and Ya-yah. Amiin! To end this short birthday entry, we would like to sing your made-up happy song and endded it with how you said 'LOVE' for the first time~ 
Tia.. Tia..Where are you..How do you do..We.. MO.. you~
*MO = love~