Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quick Post!~ Poopy~

You see.. I have always wanted to share about what I am about to write the minute I learned about it. However, it tends to slip away (more than 6 years now) for some reason.. something very very remeh I would say actually.. but if you do it, it would be very thoughtful of you. That is how I see it if I have to put it in one sentence. This post is about *drum roll* how (I think) best to clean your toddler when he or she pooped. Hihihi. Yup! Seriously!! :-p

When we were in OZ.. I guess most parents there including myself used the wipes to clean our toddlers. Not only when we were out shopping or travel but I was in the same habit even when we were at home too. I would say probably because of the condition i.e. no tap in their toilet and when it was winter, we would as much as possible hate to go to the bathroom. Hihihi

Anyway, when we returned to Malaysia, my mother-in-law suggested something as I described above - thoughtful - when I was cleaning Jia's poo. I am pretty sure some thoughtful moms have done it too. But if you haven't I would suggest you give it a try especially if your toddler is able to stand and sit on their own. Hihi

So here goes;

Step 1: After confirming that your toddler has pooped, make your way with your child to the toilet with his/her towel.

Step 2: For this second step.. it would be easier if your toddler poopy is all nicely 'figured' (type 4) not that 'mushy' type kind of poo (type 5 or type 6). What you should do is, after carefully removing the strap, slowly bring up the soil nappy up to drop the poo into the toilet bowl (yup, that's why I said it would be easier for the type 4 not the latter :-p). Usually, I tried to 'push' as much poo as possible into the toilet bowl. As my mother-in-law has put it, this way, we are helping the garbage truck man by reducing their burden handling smelly nappies. :-)

Stool type

Step 3: After carefully fold and strap the soil nappy and telling your toddler how smelly his/her poopy was, carefully carry your toddler and put him/her on the toilet bowl. If your child still could not balance on their own, support your toddler with your thigh.

Step 4: Open the tap and wash your toddler there on the toilet bowl. Yup, just like how we adult do! This way, you don't need to clean the toilet floor every time you wash their poo. Kan kita nak ambil wudu' and all kan kan kan. ;-)

Step 5: Wrap your toddler with his/her towel and throw the soil nappy. By the way, if you tied the soil nappy in a plastic bag (the small plastic bag which you get when buying kuih-muih comes really handy here) will help to reduce the foul smell from coming out from the garbage

There you have it.. a simple step-by-step cleaning poo trick. Simple sangat kan! It's Fatihah's turn now. Hihihi ;-)


Monday, February 22, 2016

Yaby's two cents ~ No. 3

Ramai yang cinta kepada syurga kerana di syurga nanti akan dapat dirasai keseronokan dunia yang berlipat kali ganda. Cinta kerana keseronokan yang dibandingkan atas keseronokan dunia. Kerana cinta ini mereka beriman kepada Allah. Cinta yang dapat dikecapi selepas kehidupan ini.

Tetapi cinta sebenar adalah cinta kepada Allah untuk mendapat balasan cinta daripada Allah. Cinta suci atas keagungan Allah. Cinta yang lebih indah dan seronok daripada syurga yang dicipta oleh Allah. Cinta yang tidak perlu ditunggu dan dapat dinikmati sekarang dan selamanya.

“Allahumma Inni As Aluka Ridhaka Wal Jannah Wa A’uzubika Min Sakhathika Wannaar”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Super 8 Jia~

While I am typing this, you, Jia, is sitting at the computer table next to me, composing a reply text to all who wishes you. Hihihi..

And after I just finished with the last sentence, you handed me back my phone saying “I’m done”. Hihihi…Can't believe that you are able to use the phone so well already. Sigh~~  :-p

Happy 8th Birthday Jia.. Mi-mi’s big girl Solehah! I would not forget the moment when you were little.. when asked what you want to become when you grew up, you said proudly “I want to become big girl solehah!” MasyaAllah.. I was sure happy to hearing that. Mi-mi pray that may you continue to be Guided by Allah and that He protects you from the evil and make you a blessed girl. Ameen ya Rabb! (of course the same Dua for Bahim and Fatihah too!)

Yesterday, upon reaching home, you asked permission for you and Bahim and Fatihah to go to the playground. I was not in a hurry (which not very often) and so I agreed. When I looked at you caring for Fatihah, carrying her onto the slides and then to the “horse” where all three of you pretended to be Comboy and Cowgirls (;-P) and later to the swing and finally to the see-saw, I knew I could rely  on you - a lot. Thank you Jia for being such a good daughter and a good sister. Ummi loves you a lot you know that! Cheeky Bahim and Choky-choky Fatihah love their cheche too! Remember how Fatihah loves to sit on you and that you would just let her be. Adeh~~ Hihi

You have just started to play chess in which I hope to see you beating Ya-yah in chess one day! Hehe.. 

Always remember Jia that you can put in practice what you learned in chess in real life too. In life you also need to strategize and then later execute the plan. Along the way, you will see that some moves are good while some are not so good. As a good player you would not want to repeat those bad moves again which is very important in real life. You will also notice Jia, just like in chess game, when no piece is threatened and that you are in the lead, there will be a time you need to make a choice to decide a new exciting path to the game. And that was when you need everything you know to make the RIGHT choice. Learn from your opponent moves if they are better than you. Observe and explore. 

Mi-mi has always loved chess too Jia. I have also learned a lot from chess. One in particular, I got it from Kong Kong. I could not remember for sure whether it was before or after a chess tournament but I remember what Kong Kong said to me. Kong Kong said, “on top of every cloud, there are clouds”. Yup Jia.. it means that in life there will always be someone that is better than you. So no matter how good you think you are, always stay humble. ;-)

Enough said from Ummi.. Today is your special day! And for that reason, another special Dua from Mi-mi to you – “May you continue to be Happy and Healthy!” Ameen ya Rabb. Please know that I have always loved you more Jia! (I said it last) Hihihi