Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Ayam Goreng~

On Thursday, I decided to cook something quick, hence, ayam goreng (fried chicken) was selected as the main dish. After dinner, there were 3 and half pieces left. As I were putting away the ayam goreng into a container before stacking it with everything else into the fridge, I was talking in my head that perhaps I could heat it up tomorrow 'for' breakfast. Little did I know that the kids would opt chocolate bread over the ayam goreng. By then, there were only 2. Again I have to decide the faith of the ayam goreng. Without thinking too long, I decided that the 2 ayam goreng shall be my lunch. I just have to top it up with rice and selected vegetable. Done deal!

But guess what? It didn't turn out that way...

After I repacked the ayam goreng and tuck it into my handbag, my Fatihah 'thought' that she had a better plan for the ayam goreng. While we were about to leave the house for school, I heard Jia screaming from the door, "Mi-miiiii!~~ Fatihah put her shoes on the ayam goreng!" As I rushed to the scence (I was at the kitchen gathering the rubbish), I saw Fatihah holding a shoe in one hand while my ayam goreng lying under the sole of the shoe. Adeh~~ Fatihah looked back at me smiling.. tactic.. tak jadi nak ngamok.

I made a final decision for the ayam goreng. I told the kids, "let's give the ayam goreng to the cat" in which Jia and Bahim shouted HoooRay in agreement with the idea. 

When we reached Educare, after sending Fatihah, we saw an 'eveready' cat. Quickly, we called for it in which it froze watching our moves. We placed the ayam goreng slowly before scampering back into our BumbleBee car. We could tell that it was a mama cat because she didn't consume the ayam goreng on the spot. Instead, she carefully selected a larger piece and away it dashed off to where we assumed her kittens would be. As the three of us watched the mama cat running away with the ayam goreng, I took the opportunity to tell Jia and Bahim what rezeki (provision) really means. 

I read once that rezeki is "anything that would benefit you". Simple! We always tend to link having money as rezeki. This idea however, is not entirely true. 

Rezeki is not how much money you are getting or having in the bank, but rezeki is how much of the money would be put to good use for you and your family. In the case of my ayam goreng, I had thought that all of the ayam goreng would be safe and sound in my belly nourishing me with enough protein. But I was wrong. The 2 ayam goreng were not my rezeki but they were the rezeki of the mama cat and her kittens'. The 2 ayam goreng have been 'decided' to fill the empty stomach of those cats and not mine. It was never mine to decide the faith of the ayam goreng but it was Allah's alone. ;-) 

With all the dilemma weighing down Malaysian these days, it is no surprises that most if not all of us would think whether or not what we are having is enough to sustain our future. It came naturally to my mind too. Then, there was a talk by my Ustazah which reminded us of the verse in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 155-156:

And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, 
Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."
Yup, all of us WILL SURELY be tested whether it is out of fear and/or by hunger and/or by loss of wealth and/or loss of lives BUT as a believer we must always remember what Allah has said in Surah Al-Mu'minun, verse 62:

And We charge no soul except [with that within] its capacity, and with Us is a record which speaks with truth; and they will not be wronged.
and with that, it hopes to give tranquillity in the believer hearts.. that Allah will always be by your side as long as you believe!~ ;-)

Oh yes.. before I forgot.. there was another twist to my ayam goreng story. Who could have told that later that day, I was suprised by a gift from k adah cute. Ayam goreng for vegetables! Rezeki~ Jazakillah k adah :-D

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yaby's two cents ~ No. 2

Terbaca dan tersentak:

"Masa kecil bila dengar pasal akhirat mudah hati berasa sedih, air mata mudah mengalir. Cinta dan takutkan Allah.
Bila remaja, badan sudah semakin kuat, makin berani buat dosa. Dalam hati sudah pandai berkata, nanti tua nanti bertaubat. Pandai bargain. Cinta dunia bermula.

Dah semakin tua, hidup semakin senang, akal semakin panjang, rasa takut, rasa sedih bila dengar mengenai akhirat semakin tiada. Dosa tidak diendah. Mula pandai bagi alasan, justify yang salah. Cinta dan takut lebih pada dunia.

Sudah tua nanti? Boleh atau tak bertaubat? Sempat ke tua?"

"Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower. Our Lord, surely You will gather the people for a Day about which there is no doubt. Indeed, Allah does not fail in His promise."