Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Multiply~~ hihi

Just today, while I was quietly and attentively doing my work, suddenly Jia asked a question that literally breaks down my whole attention span. LOL!

Jia: Mi-mi..
Me: Hmm (answering half-heartedly)..
Jia: I want to know.. when you meet ya-yah..

Before she could even finish her question, I jumped in and asked her:

Me: YES JIA! Say again.. why do you want to know? 
Jia: Never mind. Never mind. (At this point Jia seems to be reluctant.. wanting to end the conversation)

But since my curiosity has reached its maximum, I continue to pester her, hoping to get more information out of her. Yup, you guessed it right. By then, I have put everything away and my focus was onto her a 100%.

Me: Jia pleaseeee~~~ tell me. Why do want to know pleaseee?~~~ (I think I'm pretty good at this. Hihi)
Jia: It is not 'because' mi-mi. I just want to know.. *a short pause*, when you meet ya-yah, did ya-yah know his multiplication?

At that point, I burst out laughing. I would not have ever thought in whole life that 'that' question would be asked by anyone. EVER~~ LOL!

Ever since I introduced multiplication to Jia, she has been asking a lot of questions. But this question, is by far her best!

I have always love maths! I could do as many maths questions without ever feeling bored of it and I pray that I will continue to love maths (cinta sejati gitew~). 

I still remember when daddy gave out Bahasa Malaysia, English and Maths homework, I usually skipped the Bahasa Malaysia. Adeh~~ I should have listened to Daddy to focus more on my Bahasa. I hope my kids would be better than their Ummi on this.

Anyhow, every time I learned a new maths equation or method, I would and still am fascinated by the genius minds behind the creation of the computation methods. Superb genius! And of course any brilliant mind could easily deduce that the Creator of all these geniuses must be Superbly MORE GENIUS! Kan?! AllahuAkhbar.

And while we are already talking about maths, how many of us knew that Al-Khawarizmi, the father of Algebra, was actually trying to solve the inheritance problem (faraid) in Islam. AllahuAkhbar. Terbaik kan?! :-D

Wish me luck in solving 'problems' given out by my kids. They are 'genius' in their own way. I wonder what's next. After all, kids say the darndest thing! Hehehe~

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today is my 9th day having this foot infection. It started off with a fever on Sunday which lasted until Monday. Came Tuesday morning, my right foot could hardly touch the floor. I was hopping one-footed all around the house. The pain subsided a little bit after having a warm foot bath using the last remaining det0L available in the house. On Wednesday, I could see more green spots containing gooey pus scattered on my foot. Because there was no more det0L, I decided to go the old fashion way – the salt foot bath. I was holding back the excruciating pain to the extent that my body was trembling. *nangis* Yaby did try to psycho away the pain by saying that “it’s only in the mind~~”. I agree with that a 100% but it ain’t working at that point. Sakit~

Anyhow, after work on Wednesday, I dropped by the Uni clinic and they provide me with antibiotic cream and pills, the iodine wash to spare me from the salt-torturing-‘bloody’-foot-bath PLUS two days MC. Yahooo~ Yup! I never knew I could get MC for foot infection! 

By Friday, I was having different kinds of pain. There were lesser greeny spots by then. The green spots have been replaced however, by blotches of tender red patches. Adeh~~ Do you remember staring at your scar when it was trying to heal? Yup.. that one. Imagine now the inflamed tender skin under the gauze dressing pulled from side-to-side as the skins tightens. *nangis* Kisah benar~~ it feels like walking on beds of pins.

In the past nine days, me, limping around here and there.. I realised how HUMAN I am. If I look at the scale of the sore area, it is no more than 3% of my whole body area. But~ I failed to function at full length. 

As you may have deduced, my normal walking speed plummeted. I had to think and rethink before moving around, which I usually take for granted, to optimize my steps count. That also include my trips to the toilet at my working place. Jauh nya laa rasa~ I had to delay a few decisions just to avoid having needed to move around. That didn't include the many times I had to bother Yaby and my colleagues to help me running my errands. Adeh~ Thank you guys.

Tu manusia ni masih lagi kurang dan tak reti nak bersyukur masa sihat. Yang ramainya bongkak, cakap besar, curi duit, makan rasuah, bunuh orang. Sakit sikit pun dah tak boleh buat macam-macam.. ni nak lawan hukum tuhan macam hebat sangat boleh handle neraka karang?!

Anyhow, I also began to realize how the effect on my right foot has led to sore on my right calf muscles. Discomfort started to build around my left hip joint since I have put much of my body weight on my left leg while waddling (literally) like a penguin to ease the pain on my right foot while walking. No wonder our beloved Prophet had used the same analogy in the hadith as reported by An-Nu’man ibn Basheer;
The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The example of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.(Sahih Bukhari 5665, Sahih Muslim 2586)
it is true.. Most of us knew the content of this hadith. It’s the most well-known hadith on Muslim brotherhood. With all the cries of our brothers and sisters from Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Egypt and many more, all around the world, shouldn’t ‘we’, the more ‘fortunate’, “reacts with sleeplessness and fever”? :-( What have we done to help these “aching limbs”? :-(

Hmm.. sedih kan..

Nak suruh stop makan McDonald pun ramai yang susah nak buat. Cereal tak makan pagi-pagi tak mati pun tapi nak jugak beli (my weak spot). Tu belum suruh bangkit solat sunat tahajud atau arah pergi solat berjemaah di masjid pada dua waktu yang Nabi sebut – subuh dan isya’. Macam mana kegemilangan Islam nak datang bila semua masih lalai dengan hiburan semata-mata?! 

This little ordeal of my own (or so I thought) is nothing compare to all the pain and struggle of those men, women and children whom are constantly living in fear. I simply cannot imagine being in their situation. How can anyone function in such condition? May Allah give them the strength to face such great ordeal and that may Allah forgive all of our shortcomings. Ameen~

NO MORE WAR! (from Facebook)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

High 5!

Dear Bahim.. I have not forgotten to put an entry for your birthday.. in fact I've drafted everything on your Birthday. Only thing is that, it so happen that there was a breaking news on multiple bombing incidents in Paris. I stopped altogether transfixed to the live coverage on the tele. At that moment, I thought to myself, why not we share an entry on my birthday. But guess what, seven days after the bombing, Paris started its air strike on Syria claiming to attack ISIS but their missiles missed out the right target killing innocents children, men and women. I couldn't tummy the news nor do I even had the mood to be writing something happy. Therefore the very long delay. Sorry luv~

Here goes.. :-D


"What day is today? Is today Saturday?", those were your words Bahim as you came out from the bathroom this morning. When I told you that "Yes, it is Saturday", you went all HAPPY saying that "THEN IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!".

Yes Bahim.. it IS your FIFTH Birthday!! Happy birthday sayang! Ummi pray that you'll continue to be as bright, as playful, as cheeky, as soleh, as strong, and as all the goodness there in the world Bahim! Ameen!

Another year has gone by but it wasn't gone to waste.. it was one interesting year for you. In the past one year, you get to be a good KoKo. You proved well enough that you really really really love and care for Fatihah.

Of course there were the times when you still feel reluctant to share with Fatihah in which you would lock her out of the room and she would be persistently go knocking on your door before she would come to me to seek my mighty strength to get her to open the bedroom door (read that with one go tau). And as the door flung open, Fatihah would spring into whatever star wars angry birds fortress you are building and usually both Fatihah's and your scream filled the entire house. And soon after, my scream would join in. Adeh~ Pengsan~~

But having said all that, I knew deep inside you love your baby sister.. more than your angry birds toys. Remember the time whenI tricked you.. telling you that I left Fatihah behind. You started whining and harassed me to stop the car and turn back to get Fatihah. That was so kind of you. Hihi..

And I knew without a doubt you love cheche too. But things has started to become a little wee complicated between the two of you - a bit.. as in you would although not that often, used your karate style and muscle on cheche. Kesian cheche tau. I can understand that is how boys work i.e. the muscle thing besides snips and tails and puppy dog (read kitten cat) tails, but mi-mi hope that you'll learn to channel your strength correctly tau. ;-)

I love you Bahim.. Fatihah loves Koko too.. Cheche loves Bahim too.. Ya-yah loves you too! Continue to be mi-mi's and ya-yah's BIG boy soleh OK! High FIVE! 

Pure love. May Allah protect all of us from the evil. Aamiin. :-)