Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Run for it!~ :-)

I have always loved enrolment day and convocation day. They are the two best time of the year!! You could smell and see joy everywhere. Proud parents and siblings posing for the camera.. they are just wonderful sights to watch. (And of course there's the extra open booths and stalls for me to go shopping! Yeayy!) 

Yesterday was the last of the three days convocation ceremony with Faculty of Engineering wrapping up everything. Congratulations to all GRADUATED students! May you continue to be future leaders with ethics and values whom one day shall bring positive changes to the world. :-D (terngiang-ngiang the chorus of the official song ..Rahmatan lil 'Aalamin..)

This year convocation is an extra special edition for me. Hihihi.. This year, the convocation celebrates my first batch of students who grew right 'in front' of me in their four years as undergraduate students.

We first met in the first semester. Oh how I simply loved coming to meet these students for the first time in their first semester! They were fresh and innocent faces. As the semester passed by, I could see confidence growing. Some taking charge becoming leaders.. some take on volunteering works.. some take on sports. I have always asked myself each time I see these students doing whatever good they are doing for the community, "..would I do the same if I was a student here in this Institution?". Those who prevail both academically and in co-curriculum are simply amazing! May Allah continue to guide you great students! 

So this (Diwali holiday) morning.. I decided to write a bit.. dedicating this to all of my students. It is nothing new.. but hopefully it comes to you as a good reminder.

Remember this picture?
A man standing under a lamp post at night~

Forgive my ugly sketch. That's the best I could come out with. Hihihi.. 

This sketch was first introduced to me during my time as undergraduate student too. My Naqibah explained it so well that it grips my heart and I pray that I would never ever forget her short message that day.

The picture has four main elements.. man, lamp, shadow and night; we living in this world is just like a man walking in the middle of the night at a strange place. It would come naturally to anyone that once they see a source of light, they would find themselves running for the light. When you go running for the lamp, your shadow becomes shorter until you reach a point where the shadow is literally under your feet i.e. when you are directly under the lamp. 

So she explained, the lamp is the Akhirat and the shadow is the Dunia. If you chase for Akhirat the world will come chasing for you. But if you choose to stray from the light i.e. not wanting to work for Akhirat, you neither gain the world nor the next life. Simple as that!

So remember ye my dear students. Chasing for akhirat means you put full effort to work for the cause of Allah i.e. being a dutiful believer first and then an abiding son/daughter to your parents, a caring sibling, a loving spouse, a responsible parent, a helpful neighbour, a trustworthy friend, a hardworking employer.. and many more. Jom sama-sama work for akhirat ye. ;-)

They say, patah tumbuh hilang berganti.. but I know it would never be the same kan kan kan. Hihihi.. Make Dua for madam. Doakan madam diampunkan dosa and terus istiqamah to work for Islam ye. :-)