Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The blindside?

Today, I witnessed yet another fall of a leadership.

I understand the fact that being a leader is not an easy job. While there are some leaders who have been fighting for the title, I have known quite a few, although not personally, who wish they have not been given that position. Being a leader means greater responsibility, bigger amanah not only in this life but carries on to the next life.

In any organization, big or small, good leaders should listen to the cries of those who are under them. If you are planning to do otherwise, my sincere advice would be – drop the idea of becoming a leader. You are going to destroy the company you are leading.

To all leaders, an easy way to know whether you are doing a good job as a leader or not is when you EARNED RESPECT from your team. Yup, respect is one of the key indicators whether or not you have become successful leaders. And if you haven’t realised, respect need to be earned not be bought or gained through fear. You can opt the final two ways. But bear in mind that they won’t last even with a tiniest trial comes to play.

I wish the very best to all ‘victim’ from today’s unfortunate outcome.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quick Post: Syawwal 2015

Coming to office today only mean one thing for me - big mistake! :-P For a start, my office mindset has not set in therefore my P = mv (momentum) was way below the average line. Not many was done today. Sigh~ Food hunting also became unusually difficult since many stall owners are still on leave. 

I assume, things would be back to normal (at least) starting next week. Speaking of normal, there is nothing normal about this year Syawwal. It is a Syawwal to be remembered.

Alhamdulillah, this year Syawwal, Jia celebrated it after completing 21 days of fasting. Hihihi.. I knew, many parents have trained their children fasting since the age of 5. By 6 years old, they completed 30 days of Ramadan. In our case, Yaby and I chose to let Jia decides whether she wants to fast or not. And so, this year Ramadan was Jia's first run of puasa di bulan Ramadan. On her first day fasting, Jia's teacher sent me a message saying that Jia 'tak larat' but when the teacher offered Jia some bread and water, she refused to break her fast. I could not deny that my heart sank a bit when the teacher sent a photo of Jia crying. For the record, Jia buka her puasa that day at 6:05pm since Yaby said he offered her some drink while they were on their way back home from school. Hihihi..

"Tak larat. Saya nak bagi roti, dia cakap 'tak nak buka puasa'.. kuat semangat dia", Mualimah Kamariah 
This year Syawwal, we manage to have everyone locked in at Lorong Muda. Hehehe. The first gathering in full colours after Azam's wedding with Siti's Jr on the way! May Allah continue to shower happiness to this crazy Wong's family. Aamiin! ;-p  

Go crazy!~~
Two days after this raya shoot, we all had to bid farewell to Azam, Asya and Umar *nangis!*. They are writing in a new chapter - life in Japan. May Allah protect Azam and his family. Aamiin~ Though I never like the notion of having to be apart from family members, I consider this as a blessing in disguise since I might be able to set foot in Japan one fine day insyaAllah! Yeay! 

See you in Japan ek~ Hihihi 

***Since the last post, this entry has been updated on the 26/7/2015***

The following raya weekend, it's time for the Bangi-an to meet up. And Alhamdulillah, finally all 'pieces' are also in place for the Bangi-ans. Hihi.

Eight cucus and counting insyaAllah~ Hihihi
All in all, what I can say about Syawwal 1436 is that, it's a time to reinstate and replenish Silaturrahim and Ukhuwah. May Allah bless us with Happiness in this life and the next. Ameen.