Monday, June 15, 2015


After what supposedly to be an upgrade to my stereo system in my ‘bumblebee’ car, I rarely get a chance to really sit, relax and enjoy what’s playing on the local frequency (..or from the USB ..or from the CDs and I have yet to test the AUX mode).

My 11 years old BumbleBee
Sometime last week, my patience was above the normal range, hence, I decided to on the radio. Alhamdulillah, after a few trials it managed to tune to one of the radio stations. A few minutes into the air, the station was broadcasting what I call as a ‘service offer’ advertisement.

It so happen that, several times before, whenever I had the chance to get the radio to work, the same ‘service offer’ advertisement was playing on this local radio station. I have nothing against it except that I would suggest that the 3-5 minutes to be played over and over again for a ‘better’ group of people.

Let me just pause there for a bit and shift your direction to Malaysians dilemma these days. I'm pretty sure, most caring Malaysians would ask the same question – what is becoming of Malaysia?

( far) Malaysia is the only place in the world I would call ‘home’ for the rest of my life. It is the place where I have my families and friends. And in my mind, I had vision that Malaysia will be the land for my future generations growing up.. happily. But with things and I mean economically, politically and socially falling apart, I understand why some people are began considering a different exit solution.

When I heard the ‘service offer’ advertisment reminding listeners of the benefit of ‘wakaf’ (endowment) the other day, it struck me that this might be THE solution for the Malaysia economic and political problems. Not entirely on the wakaf, but mostly I  am referring to the advertisement 'repetitive mechanism'. While I disagree with the concept of 'brainwashed', this time I willingly offer my ears only if it is for a good reason (since as you know, we already have and having it all for different purposes). 

Imagine we the citizens waking up to be reminded of ‘what is needed to become a good Malaysian?’ and ‘how to be a good Malaysian?’. Leaders of the country, from the smallest organizations to the high, higher and highest level of all, are also listening to their daily reminder composes of ‘what is the responsibility of a good leader?’ and ‘how to become a good leader?’ everyday at the start of a day. To top it up, since the leaders at the high, higher and highest organization are mostly paid handsomely, they should also listen to the wakaf service advertisement so that they could also willingly put forward some portion of their salary for the benefit of the citizens in need.

I wonder if we would improve then..

I seriously think that we are in dire need of a solution to our social problems which the cause and effect of the bad governance. Forget about the high crime rates. The news of the man who jumped of an MRT scaffolding after he had an accident was a recent example that the leaders of the country have not done enough to curb the social problem. It breaks my heart reading it. :-(

Even if what I have suggested previously came out to be a valid solution, then again, it will remain a suggestion until the right people would lead and realize any good suggestion that could come to play - all for a better Malaysia.