Monday, April 27, 2015

Fatihah is one

Alhamdulillah AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar :-)

My dear Fatihah turns one today! Yeay. Happy birthday my choki-choki Fatihah! ;-p

Now.. let’s recollect your first year.

Right after Mi-mi's three month maternity leave period was over, Alhamdulillah K Ju and family including Makcik were very kind (..may Allah repay their kindness well, Aamiin) to take you in while waiting to get a place in educare. During that period, you were most happy and healthy! It was to the point that Yayah and Mi-mi were torned apart when educare called us to inform us of an opening since you were well loved and taken care off by the family. In the end, we had to take the educare offer since we felt that it would be the best for all of us. It was no big surprises that only after 12 days you entered the childcare center, you contracted with conjunctivitis. That started the ball rolling for all of your health center visits.

Having you, Fatihah, as the third, I now confirm that indeed all of us are unique. Ngahahaha.. To these date, you hold the loudest voice record stealing the cup from your Cheche. You also at the top of the list for becoming the first to love putting anything-you-could-grab-on into your mouth. Yikes! And among the three, your hair also grow the fastest! You are also the cheekiest, hence, the reason for the choki-choki~ You also super love the pool but hate the large grey tub! Hihi..

Right before you destroy Koko's castle. hehe~

If I am ever allowed to envy, I envy you for getting the most loving attention from your siblings! Cheche and Koko love you bits and pieces! Every morning when I sent you three to school, Cheche and Koko would ‘fight’ who gets to sit where since they just want you for themselves. Adeh~ most of the time it was funny but there were also times when Ummi pun naik pening. Having said that, Alhamdulillah to have all the three of you. May all of you continue to be the best of buddies insyaAllah.. ameen. :-)

Ummi and Ayah doakan Fatihah will grow up to be our big girl solehah and may you continue to be healthy and happy! Allahu ameen. I love you so much too sayang!! :-*

p/s: Now Koko can stop telling people you are zero year old. Hihihi

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Umbrella

All of a sudden, it was raining heavily today. I quickly made my way to grab hold of the laundry on the cloth line. As I entered the house with arms filled with the laundry, my dear Bahim who had been watching me said this;

Bahim: Kesian ummi.. poor mi-mi

An idea came upon me and I decided to play Bahim along.

Me: Kesian isn't it. So, are you going to protect me?
Bahim: Yes mi-mi. When I grow big, I'll make you an umbrella to protect you from the rain.
Me: But what if it is strong rain?
Bahim: I'll make you an even bigger stronger umbrella.

May you and cheche n Fatihah continue to be my Qurratun a'yun. Aamiin :-)