Sunday, March 29, 2015

Being UZMA (awesome!)

I remember the time when my dear sister, asking me whether or not my work place has full medical coverage for parents at IJN and etc. At that point she sounded to me pretty much confused. When asked repeatedly on the reason why she ought to know, she later informed me that she was thinking to resign from KKM.. in which she finally did. Little did we know that a little over than 6 months, she and a couple of friends have started a new venture. Presenting~~~ Klinik Uzma! :-)
Among the services provided are medical diagnosis and treatment, antenatal check up with 3D and 4D ultrasound (in the near future), full blood investigation, child and adult immunisation and minor surgical operation

Jalan SS 6/18, Dataran Glomac Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 03-78876537,
The doctors are three great friends:
  1. Dr Sarah Wong Azman, MB Bch BAO (Ireland)
  2. Dr Faizah Abu Bakar, MB Bch BAO (Ireland)
  3. Dr Nur Arina Ahmad Zakiuddin, MB Bs (Manipal India)
I've never being treated by the other two, but several times, my sister had performed on site treatment at home. One time, when I had food poisoning, Dr Sarah Wong came to the rescue and I got personal medical treatment at the comfort of our home at zero payment. Hihi. We all could tell that she'll become a great doctor. 

To conclude this entry, I'll end with pantun yang Dr Sarah Wong karangkan.. just to give you a glimpse of idea on how Dr Sarah Wong would be in person. Hihi. Enjoy! 

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oh gst, 
dkt betol ngn nama chesitie,
orang kata beli2 sekarang jgn tak beli!!!,
borong semua sebelom april ini....

dok tgk kawan2 borong barang2 baby,
kata mereka abeslah semua mahal lepas gst,
insyaAllah bulan 10 giliran baby kami,
amacam baba dah get ready??????

ramai ingat ubat-ubatan tak kene gst,
tapi bila kene batang idung sendiri,
sendiri terkejot bagaikn kena duri,
buat buat cool sedangkn ternganga gigi.

dah la bulan2 dok kuar byr loan itu ini,
siap korek tabung carik syiling sana sini,
kuar je rumah byr tol petrol tak henti2 ,
rasa bebanan meningkat tiap2 hari.

namun jgn sayu & bersedih hati,
teruskan berdoa dan selawat ke atas Nabi ,
ingatlah bahawa rezeki dtg dari Ilahi,
semoga kite semua diberkati.

ChuppaPode Yg Bersih