Monday, February 16, 2015

Define R.E.A.L

Last weekend, I had the most interesting conversation with Bahim.

Earlier, he had asked me to bring down Nenek's wooden rocking horse for him to play. After he had his first round of play on the wooden horse, I decided to ask Bahim about it.
Me: Bahim, are you riding on a horse? 
Bahim: This is a toy horse.
Me: How do you know it's a toy horse?
Bahim: A real horse has legs.. 
I noticed he seemed a little puzzled. After a short pause, Bahim continued...
Bahim: The lego toy horse got legs. 
Me: So what makes a real horse? What else does a real horse have?
Bahim: A real horse has the black thing at the leg (while pointing at the end of his leg). A real horse also has a long bushy tail.. and a long hair
When Bahim used the word 'REAL', I knew he was referring to a live horse.

Not long after, Jia walked towards us. Instantly, I throw the same question to Jia simply because I was fascinated on how Bahim came down with his conclusions. Hence, I want to know how Jia would answer that question. Quickly Jia answered..
Jia: A real horse is a horse that can move by itself.
Again, I was fascinated!

Then after a while, Yaby came walking in joining the crowd. It was Yaby's turn to answer my question..
Me: Yaby, what makes a real horse?
Yaby: Apa maksud awak?
Me: Alaa.. just answer je. What is a real horse?
Yaby: ...awak nak jawapan macam mana?
Me: Jawab je laa Yaby.. no right or wrong answer. Just nak tau
Yaby: ...a real horse is a horse with a soul

From the short conversation, it shows how simple minded children can be. They never overthink like we grown ups if you know what I mean. There were times when I wish we adult could be so much like kids. 

For example, we adults tend to think that the more sophisticated an answer is, the more accurate the answer would be. That's why engineer, doctor and economist came up with all the jargons just to 'show off' their understanding. Try asking them to explain to a layman. Let see how soon can they make the layman understand with all the jargons. :-p

There would also be times when someone would go telling you something which you might find it ambiguous. Kids would take it as it is or ask to make sure what one really means. Yup! Don't try to read in between lines or jumping into your own conclusion. And this goes especially to me! :-p Lalalalalaa~~ 

Having said that, I would not deny the POWER of mastering the interpretation-jutsu (art of). We still need that. The key point is - everything has to be put into context.

I guess that's it. Night! ;-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

She's 7~ :)

I've paused myself from writing about Jia's first day of school adventure. Thought it would be a good one for her birthday entry, hence this post. 

Sending her off on her first day of school was way too easy. Alhamdulillah. As in no drama from her part.. only mine. Adeh~~ yes yes.. silly me. But just so you know, I have cleverly device some steps so that Jia would not see my tears *uhuk-uhuk*.

She was all cool following instructions from the Pengawas as well as from the Mualimah. Smiling to others.. making friends. Me on the other hand, went back and forth, back and forth, trying to squeeze my way to get to the front so that I could get a better view of Jia to snap photos of her first day at school. Adeh~~ macam apa-apa ntah. Hihihi.. Although there were other parents who did try to pry their way into the crowd, but I would say that I was way worst. Ngahahahaha... And when Mualimah wasn't looking, I went to Jia into the Dewan with the excuse of wanting to pass Jia her water bottle when actually all I wanted to know was how she really felt at that point. She assured me that she was all fine. At this point I felt - Uwaaaaa~~~ my Jia has INDEED grown to become BIG girl solehah! She don't need me~~ Uwaaaa~~~

I stayed until close to 1pm then quickly went back to  my office for Zuhur prayer before checking on Jia again. Ahahaha... yes yes. I know. But I just couldn't help it. In my heart, I told myself, only for today (i.e. first day of school). Just to see how the school run in one day. By 4pm, I was satisfied and confidently walked away from Jia's school.

Now it has been more than a month now since Jia becomes a standard one pupil. There are still many things that she needs to learn. For one, how to care and use pocket money wisely. And on my part, I have yet to furnished her with tips and tricks at school. What I've covered so far:

1. Don't follow strangers
2. If you don't know anything.. ask the Mualimah/Pengawas
3. If someone do bad things to you, tell the Mualimah

A small side of me wanting her to discover on her own. Like the other day, she asked, "What if I see someone left something in the Dewan?". I believe all of our kids are capable to come out with the solution. They would asked us to be sure if their actions are correct.

So Jia, Happy 7th Birthday. Ummi pray that you'll continue to become BIG girl solehah and for Allah to continue guiding you all the way. Being 7 means that you are moving into another exciting chapter of your life. There's the Solat for a start. It makes me happy when I see you getting ready to solat without needing me to told you to do so. Please continue to love your Solat. Allah has promised that, if you care for your Solat, it will prohibits you from wrongdoings. Ummi also loves to hear your doa after solat. I love it more when Bahim would interrupt you asking - "what about me (Bahim)?" when you reached the part of - "O Allah, please make Fatihah (becomes) a good girl.."

Continue to explore life at school. Make lots of beautiful memories. Please know that I love you so much.Thank you for becoming a good Che Che and continue to care and love your siblings. We love you every bits.

Happy birthday my love!!! Hugssss from Mi-Mi

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Gift

I have always adored her and wanting to be as good as her! May Allah return her with a better favour. Aamiin! :-D 
Nukilan K Z