Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Multiply~~ hihi

Just today, while I was quietly and attentively doing my work, suddenly Jia asked a question that literally breaks down my whole attention span. LOL!

Jia: Mi-mi..
Me: Hmm (answering half-heartedly)..
Jia: I want to know.. when you meet ya-yah..

Before she could even finish her question, I jumped in and asked her:

Me: YES JIA! Say again.. why do you want to know? 
Jia: Never mind. Never mind. (At this point Jia seems to be reluctant.. wanting to end the conversation)

But since my curiosity has reached its maximum, I continue to pester her, hoping to get more information out of her. Yup, you guessed it right. By then, I have put everything away and my focus was onto her a 100%.

Me: Jia pleaseeee~~~ tell me. Why do want to know pleaseee?~~~ (I think I'm pretty good at this. Hihi)
Jia: It is not 'because' mi-mi. I just want to know.. *a short pause*, when you meet ya-yah, did ya-yah know his multiplication?

At that point, I burst out laughing. I would not have ever thought in whole life that 'that' question would be asked by anyone. EVER~~ LOL!

Ever since I introduced multiplication to Jia, she has been asking a lot of questions. But this question, is by far her best!

I have always love maths! I could do as many maths questions without ever feeling bored of it and I pray that I will continue to love maths (cinta sejati gitew~). 

I still remember when daddy gave out Bahasa Malaysia, English and Maths homework, I usually skipped the Bahasa Malaysia. Adeh~~ I should have listened to Daddy to focus more on my Bahasa. I hope my kids would be better than their Ummi on this.

Anyhow, every time I learned a new maths equation or method, I would and still am fascinated by the genius minds behind the creation of the computation methods. Superb genius! And of course any brilliant mind could easily deduce that the Creator of all these geniuses must be Superbly MORE GENIUS! Kan?! AllahuAkhbar.

And while we are already talking about maths, how many of us knew that Al-Khawarizmi, the father of Algebra, was actually trying to solve the inheritance problem (faraid) in Islam. AllahuAkhbar. Terbaik kan?! :-D

Wish me luck in solving 'problems' given out by my kids. They are 'genius' in their own way. I wonder what's next. After all, kids say the darndest thing! Hehehe~

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Today is my 9th day having this foot infection. It started off with a fever on Sunday which lasted until Monday. Came Tuesday morning, my right foot could hardly touch the floor. I was hopping one-footed all around the house. The pain subsided a little bit after having a warm foot bath using the last remaining det0L available in the house. On Wednesday, I could see more green spots containing gooey pus scattered on my foot. Because there was no more det0L, I decided to go the old fashion way – the salt foot bath. I was holding back the excruciating pain to the extent that my body was trembling. *nangis* Yaby did try to psycho away the pain by saying that “it’s only in the mind~~”. I agree with that a 100% but it ain’t working at that point. Sakit~

Anyhow, after work on Wednesday, I dropped by the Uni clinic and they provide me with antibiotic cream and pills, the iodine wash to spare me from the salt-torturing-‘bloody’-foot-bath PLUS two days MC. Yahooo~ Yup! I never knew I could get MC for foot infection! 

By Friday, I was having different kinds of pain. There were lesser greeny spots by then. The green spots have been replaced however, by blotches of tender red patches. Adeh~~ Do you remember staring at your scar when it was trying to heal? Yup.. that one. Imagine now the inflamed tender skin under the gauze dressing pulled from side-to-side as the skins tightens. *nangis* Kisah benar~~ it feels like walking on beds of pins.

In the past nine days, me, limping around here and there.. I realised how HUMAN I am. If I look at the scale of the sore area, it is no more than 3% of my whole body area. But~ I failed to function at full length. 

As you may have deduced, my normal walking speed plummeted. I had to think and rethink before moving around, which I usually take for granted, to optimize my steps count. That also include my trips to the toilet at my working place. Jauh nya laa rasa~ I had to delay a few decisions just to avoid having needed to move around. That didn't include the many times I had to bother Yaby and my colleagues to help me running my errands. Adeh~ Thank you guys.

Tu manusia ni masih lagi kurang dan tak reti nak bersyukur masa sihat. Yang ramainya bongkak, cakap besar, curi duit, makan rasuah, bunuh orang. Sakit sikit pun dah tak boleh buat macam-macam.. ni nak lawan hukum tuhan macam hebat sangat boleh handle neraka karang?!

Anyhow, I also began to realize how the effect on my right foot has led to sore on my right calf muscles. Discomfort started to build around my left hip joint since I have put much of my body weight on my left leg while waddling (literally) like a penguin to ease the pain on my right foot while walking. No wonder our beloved Prophet had used the same analogy in the hadith as reported by An-Nu’man ibn Basheer;
The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The example of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.(Sahih Bukhari 5665, Sahih Muslim 2586)
it is true.. Most of us knew the content of this hadith. It’s the most well-known hadith on Muslim brotherhood. With all the cries of our brothers and sisters from Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Egypt and many more, all around the world, shouldn’t ‘we’, the more ‘fortunate’, “reacts with sleeplessness and fever”? :-( What have we done to help these “aching limbs”? :-(

Hmm.. sedih kan..

Nak suruh stop makan McDonald pun ramai yang susah nak buat. Cereal tak makan pagi-pagi tak mati pun tapi nak jugak beli (my weak spot). Tu belum suruh bangkit solat sunat tahajud atau arah pergi solat berjemaah di masjid pada dua waktu yang Nabi sebut – subuh dan isya’. Macam mana kegemilangan Islam nak datang bila semua masih lalai dengan hiburan semata-mata?! 

This little ordeal of my own (or so I thought) is nothing compare to all the pain and struggle of those men, women and children whom are constantly living in fear. I simply cannot imagine being in their situation. How can anyone function in such condition? May Allah give them the strength to face such great ordeal and that may Allah forgive all of our shortcomings. Ameen~

NO MORE WAR! (from Facebook)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

High 5!

Dear Bahim.. I have not forgotten to put an entry for your birthday.. in fact I've drafted everything on your Birthday. Only thing is that, it so happen that there was a breaking news on multiple bombing incidents in Paris. I stopped altogether transfixed to the live coverage on the tele. At that moment, I thought to myself, why not we share an entry on my birthday. But guess what, seven days after the bombing, Paris started its air strike on Syria claiming to attack ISIS but their missiles missed out the right target killing innocents children, men and women. I couldn't tummy the news nor do I even had the mood to be writing something happy. Therefore the very long delay. Sorry luv~

Here goes.. :-D


"What day is today? Is today Saturday?", those were your words Bahim as you came out from the bathroom this morning. When I told you that "Yes, it is Saturday", you went all HAPPY saying that "THEN IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!".

Yes Bahim.. it IS your FIFTH Birthday!! Happy birthday sayang! Ummi pray that you'll continue to be as bright, as playful, as cheeky, as soleh, as strong, and as all the goodness there in the world Bahim! Ameen!

Another year has gone by but it wasn't gone to waste.. it was one interesting year for you. In the past one year, you get to be a good KoKo. You proved well enough that you really really really love and care for Fatihah.

Of course there were the times when you still feel reluctant to share with Fatihah in which you would lock her out of the room and she would be persistently go knocking on your door before she would come to me to seek my mighty strength to get her to open the bedroom door (read that with one go tau). And as the door flung open, Fatihah would spring into whatever star wars angry birds fortress you are building and usually both Fatihah's and your scream filled the entire house. And soon after, my scream would join in. Adeh~ Pengsan~~

But having said all that, I knew deep inside you love your baby sister.. more than your angry birds toys. Remember the time whenI tricked you.. telling you that I left Fatihah behind. You started whining and harassed me to stop the car and turn back to get Fatihah. That was so kind of you. Hihi..

And I knew without a doubt you love cheche too. But things has started to become a little wee complicated between the two of you - a bit.. as in you would although not that often, used your karate style and muscle on cheche. Kesian cheche tau. I can understand that is how boys work i.e. the muscle thing besides snips and tails and puppy dog (read kitten cat) tails, but mi-mi hope that you'll learn to channel your strength correctly tau. ;-)

I love you Bahim.. Fatihah loves Koko too.. Cheche loves Bahim too.. Ya-yah loves you too! Continue to be mi-mi's and ya-yah's BIG boy soleh OK! High FIVE! 

Pure love. May Allah protect all of us from the evil. Aamiin. :-)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Run for it!~ :-)

I have always loved enrolment day and convocation day. They are the two best time of the year!! You could smell and see joy everywhere. Proud parents and siblings posing for the camera.. they are just wonderful sights to watch. (And of course there's the extra open booths and stalls for me to go shopping! Yeayy!) 

Yesterday was the last of the three days convocation ceremony with Faculty of Engineering wrapping up everything. Congratulations to all GRADUATED students! May you continue to be future leaders with ethics and values whom one day shall bring positive changes to the world. :-D (terngiang-ngiang the chorus of the official song ..Rahmatan lil 'Aalamin..)

This year convocation is an extra special edition for me. Hihihi.. This year, the convocation celebrates my first batch of students who grew right 'in front' of me in their four years as undergraduate students.

We first met in the first semester. Oh how I simply loved coming to meet these students for the first time in their first semester! They were fresh and innocent faces. As the semester passed by, I could see confidence growing. Some taking charge becoming leaders.. some take on volunteering works.. some take on sports. I have always asked myself each time I see these students doing whatever good they are doing for the community, "..would I do the same if I was a student here in this Institution?". Those who prevail both academically and in co-curriculum are simply amazing! May Allah continue to guide you great students! 

So this (Diwali holiday) morning.. I decided to write a bit.. dedicating this to all of my students. It is nothing new.. but hopefully it comes to you as a good reminder.

Remember this picture?
A man standing under a lamp post at night~

Forgive my ugly sketch. That's the best I could come out with. Hihihi.. 

This sketch was first introduced to me during my time as undergraduate student too. My Naqibah explained it so well that it grips my heart and I pray that I would never ever forget her short message that day.

The picture has four main elements.. man, lamp, shadow and night; we living in this world is just like a man walking in the middle of the night at a strange place. It would come naturally to anyone that once they see a source of light, they would find themselves running for the light. When you go running for the lamp, your shadow becomes shorter until you reach a point where the shadow is literally under your feet i.e. when you are directly under the lamp. 

So she explained, the lamp is the Akhirat and the shadow is the Dunia. If you chase for Akhirat the world will come chasing for you. But if you choose to stray from the light i.e. not wanting to work for Akhirat, you neither gain the world nor the next life. Simple as that!

So remember ye my dear students. Chasing for akhirat means you put full effort to work for the cause of Allah i.e. being a dutiful believer first and then an abiding son/daughter to your parents, a caring sibling, a loving spouse, a responsible parent, a helpful neighbour, a trustworthy friend, a hardworking employer.. and many more. Jom sama-sama work for akhirat ye. ;-)

They say, patah tumbuh hilang berganti.. but I know it would never be the same kan kan kan. Hihihi.. Make Dua for madam. Doakan madam diampunkan dosa and terus istiqamah to work for Islam ye. :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Yaby~

Double three~~ weee~~ Happy Birthday Yaby! Moga happier, healthier, wiser, prosper and continue to be under His Blessings! Allahumma Ameen~~

Although the kids have always refused to be in your team (sampai nangis-nangis Jia) no matter how much you tried to bribe your way or to trick them to have them as your team, please know that they still love you. WE all love the cheeky Yayah. Thank you for always taking care of us Ya-Yaby~! Hihihi

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The blindside?

Today, I witnessed yet another fall of a leadership.

I understand the fact that being a leader is not an easy job. While there are some leaders who have been fighting for the title, I have known quite a few, although not personally, who wish they have not been given that position. Being a leader means greater responsibility, bigger amanah not only in this life but carries on to the next life.

In any organization, big or small, good leaders should listen to the cries of those who are under them. If you are planning to do otherwise, my sincere advice would be – drop the idea of becoming a leader. You are going to destroy the company you are leading.

To all leaders, an easy way to know whether you are doing a good job as a leader or not is when you EARNED RESPECT from your team. Yup, respect is one of the key indicators whether or not you have become successful leaders. And if you haven’t realised, respect need to be earned not be bought or gained through fear. You can opt the final two ways. But bear in mind that they won’t last even with a tiniest trial comes to play.

I wish the very best to all ‘victim’ from today’s unfortunate outcome.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quick Post: Syawwal 2015

Coming to office today only mean one thing for me - big mistake! :-P For a start, my office mindset has not set in therefore my P = mv (momentum) was way below the average line. Not many was done today. Sigh~ Food hunting also became unusually difficult since many stall owners are still on leave. 

I assume, things would be back to normal (at least) starting next week. Speaking of normal, there is nothing normal about this year Syawwal. It is a Syawwal to be remembered.

Alhamdulillah, this year Syawwal, Jia celebrated it after completing 21 days of fasting. Hihihi.. I knew, many parents have trained their children fasting since the age of 5. By 6 years old, they completed 30 days of Ramadan. In our case, Yaby and I chose to let Jia decides whether she wants to fast or not. And so, this year Ramadan was Jia's first run of puasa di bulan Ramadan. On her first day fasting, Jia's teacher sent me a message saying that Jia 'tak larat' but when the teacher offered Jia some bread and water, she refused to break her fast. I could not deny that my heart sank a bit when the teacher sent a photo of Jia crying. For the record, Jia buka her puasa that day at 6:05pm since Yaby said he offered her some drink while they were on their way back home from school. Hihihi..

"Tak larat. Saya nak bagi roti, dia cakap 'tak nak buka puasa'.. kuat semangat dia", Mualimah Kamariah 
This year Syawwal, we manage to have everyone locked in at Lorong Muda. Hehehe. The first gathering in full colours after Azam's wedding with Siti's Jr on the way! May Allah continue to shower happiness to this crazy Wong's family. Aamiin! ;-p  

Go crazy!~~
Two days after this raya shoot, we all had to bid farewell to Azam, Asya and Umar *nangis!*. They are writing in a new chapter - life in Japan. May Allah protect Azam and his family. Aamiin~ Though I never like the notion of having to be apart from family members, I consider this as a blessing in disguise since I might be able to set foot in Japan one fine day insyaAllah! Yeay! 

See you in Japan ek~ Hihihi 

***Since the last post, this entry has been updated on the 26/7/2015***

The following raya weekend, it's time for the Bangi-an to meet up. And Alhamdulillah, finally all 'pieces' are also in place for the Bangi-ans. Hihi.

Eight cucus and counting insyaAllah~ Hihihi
All in all, what I can say about Syawwal 1436 is that, it's a time to reinstate and replenish Silaturrahim and Ukhuwah. May Allah bless us with Happiness in this life and the next. Ameen. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


After what supposedly to be an upgrade to my stereo system in my ‘bumblebee’ car, I rarely get a chance to really sit, relax and enjoy what’s playing on the local frequency (..or from the USB ..or from the CDs and I have yet to test the AUX mode).

My 11 years old BumbleBee
Sometime last week, my patience was above the normal range, hence, I decided to on the radio. Alhamdulillah, after a few trials it managed to tune to one of the radio stations. A few minutes into the air, the station was broadcasting what I call as a ‘service offer’ advertisement.

It so happen that, several times before, whenever I had the chance to get the radio to work, the same ‘service offer’ advertisement was playing on this local radio station. I have nothing against it except that I would suggest that the 3-5 minutes to be played over and over again for a ‘better’ group of people.

Let me just pause there for a bit and shift your direction to Malaysians dilemma these days. I'm pretty sure, most caring Malaysians would ask the same question – what is becoming of Malaysia?

( far) Malaysia is the only place in the world I would call ‘home’ for the rest of my life. It is the place where I have my families and friends. And in my mind, I had vision that Malaysia will be the land for my future generations growing up.. happily. But with things and I mean economically, politically and socially falling apart, I understand why some people are began considering a different exit solution.

When I heard the ‘service offer’ advertisment reminding listeners of the benefit of ‘wakaf’ (endowment) the other day, it struck me that this might be THE solution for the Malaysia economic and political problems. Not entirely on the wakaf, but mostly I  am referring to the advertisement 'repetitive mechanism'. While I disagree with the concept of 'brainwashed', this time I willingly offer my ears only if it is for a good reason (since as you know, we already have and having it all for different purposes). 

Imagine we the citizens waking up to be reminded of ‘what is needed to become a good Malaysian?’ and ‘how to be a good Malaysian?’. Leaders of the country, from the smallest organizations to the high, higher and highest level of all, are also listening to their daily reminder composes of ‘what is the responsibility of a good leader?’ and ‘how to become a good leader?’ everyday at the start of a day. To top it up, since the leaders at the high, higher and highest organization are mostly paid handsomely, they should also listen to the wakaf service advertisement so that they could also willingly put forward some portion of their salary for the benefit of the citizens in need.

I wonder if we would improve then..

I seriously think that we are in dire need of a solution to our social problems which the cause and effect of the bad governance. Forget about the high crime rates. The news of the man who jumped of an MRT scaffolding after he had an accident was a recent example that the leaders of the country have not done enough to curb the social problem. It breaks my heart reading it. :-(

Even if what I have suggested previously came out to be a valid solution, then again, it will remain a suggestion until the right people would lead and realize any good suggestion that could come to play - all for a better Malaysia.

Friday, May 22, 2015

My JUS for life~

Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire - of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return. 
Say, "Shall I inform you of [something] better than that? For those who fear Allah will be gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and purified spouses and approval from Allah . And Allah is Seeing of [His] servants - Those who say, "Our Lord, indeed we have believed, so forgive us our sins and protect us from the punishment of the Fire," The patient, the true, the obedient, those who spend [in the way of Allah ], and those who seek forgiveness before dawn. 
(Ali-Imran 14-16) 
Simply beautiful~~ Of course, I would not deny the very fact that the whole Quran itself is beautiful.. only thing is that, I felt that these verses came to me at the right time and at the perfect moment.

In verse 14, our Lord has described everything that His human creation craving for;

1. Women (not singular)
2. Sons
3. Super duper amount of gold and silver
4. Branded horses.. in our time this would mean Ferrari and its super speed buddies
5. Cattle and tilled land or in other words  income generating business which, if any man is to have all five, he'll be most happy. But then, our Lord quickly interject in a rhetoric form of way, asking us back - "Shall I inform you of [something] better than that? Yes!!! There's something WAY better than that. Allah is speaking of the heavens in which rivers flow - a place which we could stay there FOREVER and ever and ever~ SubhanAllah! 

And the best thing is that, He leaves it with the solutions to obtain this Jannah. How? 
1. You need to have patience. (it sure is the hardest but not impossible!)
2. You need to be true
3. You need to obey His rules (do amar ma'ruf nahi munkar)
4. You need to pay zakat and spend for good cause (not just beli emas or P@ndor@ je Amelia weii~)
5. Last but not least, you need to seek for His forgiveness. And the best time to seek forgiveness is mentioned to be in the last one-third of a night before Fajr.

To the first batch of JUS, I hope you will remember this. May Allah bless all of you. I love you wonderful girls. XOXO

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick Post!~

That's it. I can officially said that I am no longer a big fan of P@ndor@ Malaysia. Full stop. 


Besides the bad customer service, unapologetic replied email plus the climbing price with the GST, I am going to save for the rainy days. Ngahahaha!

My say to those who wish to start your personal P@ndor@ bracelet collection would be - forget about it. Seriously! Go for the gold charm bracelet instead! Betul ni. You are paying equivalent or more to getting a gold charm for a piece of silver or glass beads! During my time, belum ada lagi gold charm bracelet yg cun2. Tu yang terjebak. :-p

In the end, it is up to you. ;-)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fatihah is one

Alhamdulillah AllahuAkbar AllahuAkbar :-)

My dear Fatihah turns one today! Yeay. Happy birthday my choki-choki Fatihah! ;-p

Now.. let’s recollect your first year.

Right after Mi-mi's three month maternity leave period was over, Alhamdulillah K Ju and family including Makcik were very kind (..may Allah repay their kindness well, Aamiin) to take you in while waiting to get a place in educare. During that period, you were most happy and healthy! It was to the point that Yayah and Mi-mi were torned apart when educare called us to inform us of an opening since you were well loved and taken care off by the family. In the end, we had to take the educare offer since we felt that it would be the best for all of us. It was no big surprises that only after 12 days you entered the childcare center, you contracted with conjunctivitis. That started the ball rolling for all of your health center visits.

Having you, Fatihah, as the third, I now confirm that indeed all of us are unique. Ngahahaha.. To these date, you hold the loudest voice record stealing the cup from your Cheche. You also at the top of the list for becoming the first to love putting anything-you-could-grab-on into your mouth. Yikes! And among the three, your hair also grow the fastest! You are also the cheekiest, hence, the reason for the choki-choki~ You also super love the pool but hate the large grey tub! Hihi..

Right before you destroy Koko's castle. hehe~

If I am ever allowed to envy, I envy you for getting the most loving attention from your siblings! Cheche and Koko love you bits and pieces! Every morning when I sent you three to school, Cheche and Koko would ‘fight’ who gets to sit where since they just want you for themselves. Adeh~ most of the time it was funny but there were also times when Ummi pun naik pening. Having said that, Alhamdulillah to have all the three of you. May all of you continue to be the best of buddies insyaAllah.. ameen. :-)

Ummi and Ayah doakan Fatihah will grow up to be our big girl solehah and may you continue to be healthy and happy! Allahu ameen. I love you so much too sayang!! :-*

p/s: Now Koko can stop telling people you are zero year old. Hihihi

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Umbrella

All of a sudden, it was raining heavily today. I quickly made my way to grab hold of the laundry on the cloth line. As I entered the house with arms filled with the laundry, my dear Bahim who had been watching me said this;

Bahim: Kesian ummi.. poor mi-mi

An idea came upon me and I decided to play Bahim along.

Me: Kesian isn't it. So, are you going to protect me?
Bahim: Yes mi-mi. When I grow big, I'll make you an umbrella to protect you from the rain.
Me: But what if it is strong rain?
Bahim: I'll make you an even bigger stronger umbrella.

May you and cheche n Fatihah continue to be my Qurratun a'yun. Aamiin :-)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Being UZMA (awesome!)

I remember the time when my dear sister, asking me whether or not my work place has full medical coverage for parents at IJN and etc. At that point she sounded to me pretty much confused. When asked repeatedly on the reason why she ought to know, she later informed me that she was thinking to resign from KKM.. in which she finally did. Little did we know that a little over than 6 months, she and a couple of friends have started a new venture. Presenting~~~ Klinik Uzma! :-)
Among the services provided are medical diagnosis and treatment, antenatal check up with 3D and 4D ultrasound (in the near future), full blood investigation, child and adult immunisation and minor surgical operation

Jalan SS 6/18, Dataran Glomac Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 03-78876537,
The doctors are three great friends:
  1. Dr Sarah Wong Azman, MB Bch BAO (Ireland)
  2. Dr Faizah Abu Bakar, MB Bch BAO (Ireland)
  3. Dr Nur Arina Ahmad Zakiuddin, MB Bs (Manipal India)
I've never being treated by the other two, but several times, my sister had performed on site treatment at home. One time, when I had food poisoning, Dr Sarah Wong came to the rescue and I got personal medical treatment at the comfort of our home at zero payment. Hihi. We all could tell that she'll become a great doctor. 

To conclude this entry, I'll end with pantun yang Dr Sarah Wong karangkan.. just to give you a glimpse of idea on how Dr Sarah Wong would be in person. Hihi. Enjoy! 

Oh yes, do like their Facebook page:

oh gst, 
dkt betol ngn nama chesitie,
orang kata beli2 sekarang jgn tak beli!!!,
borong semua sebelom april ini....

dok tgk kawan2 borong barang2 baby,
kata mereka abeslah semua mahal lepas gst,
insyaAllah bulan 10 giliran baby kami,
amacam baba dah get ready??????

ramai ingat ubat-ubatan tak kene gst,
tapi bila kene batang idung sendiri,
sendiri terkejot bagaikn kena duri,
buat buat cool sedangkn ternganga gigi.

dah la bulan2 dok kuar byr loan itu ini,
siap korek tabung carik syiling sana sini,
kuar je rumah byr tol petrol tak henti2 ,
rasa bebanan meningkat tiap2 hari.

namun jgn sayu & bersedih hati,
teruskan berdoa dan selawat ke atas Nabi ,
ingatlah bahawa rezeki dtg dari Ilahi,
semoga kite semua diberkati.

ChuppaPode Yg Bersih


Monday, February 16, 2015

Define R.E.A.L

Last weekend, I had the most interesting conversation with Bahim.

Earlier, he had asked me to bring down Nenek's wooden rocking horse for him to play. After he had his first round of play on the wooden horse, I decided to ask Bahim about it.
Me: Bahim, are you riding on a horse? 
Bahim: This is a toy horse.
Me: How do you know it's a toy horse?
Bahim: A real horse has legs.. 
I noticed he seemed a little puzzled. After a short pause, Bahim continued...
Bahim: The lego toy horse got legs. 
Me: So what makes a real horse? What else does a real horse have?
Bahim: A real horse has the black thing at the leg (while pointing at the end of his leg). A real horse also has a long bushy tail.. and a long hair
When Bahim used the word 'REAL', I knew he was referring to a live horse.

Not long after, Jia walked towards us. Instantly, I throw the same question to Jia simply because I was fascinated on how Bahim came down with his conclusions. Hence, I want to know how Jia would answer that question. Quickly Jia answered..
Jia: A real horse is a horse that can move by itself.
Again, I was fascinated!

Then after a while, Yaby came walking in joining the crowd. It was Yaby's turn to answer my question..
Me: Yaby, what makes a real horse?
Yaby: Apa maksud awak?
Me: Alaa.. just answer je. What is a real horse?
Yaby: ...awak nak jawapan macam mana?
Me: Jawab je laa Yaby.. no right or wrong answer. Just nak tau
Yaby: ...a real horse is a horse with a soul

From the short conversation, it shows how simple minded children can be. They never overthink like we grown ups if you know what I mean. There were times when I wish we adult could be so much like kids. 

For example, we adults tend to think that the more sophisticated an answer is, the more accurate the answer would be. That's why engineer, doctor and economist came up with all the jargons just to 'show off' their understanding. Try asking them to explain to a layman. Let see how soon can they make the layman understand with all the jargons. :-p

There would also be times when someone would go telling you something which you might find it ambiguous. Kids would take it as it is or ask to make sure what one really means. Yup! Don't try to read in between lines or jumping into your own conclusion. And this goes especially to me! :-p Lalalalalaa~~ 

Having said that, I would not deny the POWER of mastering the interpretation-jutsu (art of). We still need that. The key point is - everything has to be put into context.

I guess that's it. Night! ;-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

She's 7~ :)

I've paused myself from writing about Jia's first day of school adventure. Thought it would be a good one for her birthday entry, hence this post. 

Sending her off on her first day of school was way too easy. Alhamdulillah. As in no drama from her part.. only mine. Adeh~~ yes yes.. silly me. But just so you know, I have cleverly device some steps so that Jia would not see my tears *uhuk-uhuk*.

She was all cool following instructions from the Pengawas as well as from the Mualimah. Smiling to others.. making friends. Me on the other hand, went back and forth, back and forth, trying to squeeze my way to get to the front so that I could get a better view of Jia to snap photos of her first day at school. Adeh~~ macam apa-apa ntah. Hihihi.. Although there were other parents who did try to pry their way into the crowd, but I would say that I was way worst. Ngahahahaha... And when Mualimah wasn't looking, I went to Jia into the Dewan with the excuse of wanting to pass Jia her water bottle when actually all I wanted to know was how she really felt at that point. She assured me that she was all fine. At this point I felt - Uwaaaaa~~~ my Jia has INDEED grown to become BIG girl solehah! She don't need me~~ Uwaaaa~~~

I stayed until close to 1pm then quickly went back to  my office for Zuhur prayer before checking on Jia again. Ahahaha... yes yes. I know. But I just couldn't help it. In my heart, I told myself, only for today (i.e. first day of school). Just to see how the school run in one day. By 4pm, I was satisfied and confidently walked away from Jia's school.

Now it has been more than a month now since Jia becomes a standard one pupil. There are still many things that she needs to learn. For one, how to care and use pocket money wisely. And on my part, I have yet to furnished her with tips and tricks at school. What I've covered so far:

1. Don't follow strangers
2. If you don't know anything.. ask the Mualimah/Pengawas
3. If someone do bad things to you, tell the Mualimah

A small side of me wanting her to discover on her own. Like the other day, she asked, "What if I see someone left something in the Dewan?". I believe all of our kids are capable to come out with the solution. They would asked us to be sure if their actions are correct.

So Jia, Happy 7th Birthday. Ummi pray that you'll continue to become BIG girl solehah and for Allah to continue guiding you all the way. Being 7 means that you are moving into another exciting chapter of your life. There's the Solat for a start. It makes me happy when I see you getting ready to solat without needing me to told you to do so. Please continue to love your Solat. Allah has promised that, if you care for your Solat, it will prohibits you from wrongdoings. Ummi also loves to hear your doa after solat. I love it more when Bahim would interrupt you asking - "what about me (Bahim)?" when you reached the part of - "O Allah, please make Fatihah (becomes) a good girl.."

Continue to explore life at school. Make lots of beautiful memories. Please know that I love you so much.Thank you for becoming a good Che Che and continue to care and love your siblings. We love you every bits.

Happy birthday my love!!! Hugssss from Mi-Mi

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Gift

I have always adored her and wanting to be as good as her! May Allah return her with a better favour. Aamiin! :-D 
Nukilan K Z

Friday, January 30, 2015

Danger danger...

Grrr... grrr.... grrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Nope. That is not me trying to test my  "Grrr" pronunciation nor it is a growl.

Yes. It's the sound of me angry. (I already knew you would have guessed it right. Saja je ni :p)

Why am I particular angry at this moment? Simply because there have been too much ridiculous reads in a row!!!

What is happening laa. Adoiyai. These are mainstream news I am talking about. Apa nak jadi la. *face palm*

Those people who came out with those decisions are either plain hypocrites OR plain dumb. That's it!


I could assume that many would agree with me on the first point. But why for the latter? Well you see, a colleague of mine, before he left for his home country, this was what he told me:
"First class students, they became lecturers.. engineers.. doctors...
Second class students, they became businessman..
Third class students, they became politician (read: decision maker)."
To keep the record straight, my colleague came from a country where corruption are way worse than Malaysia as he has put it. He described how things would be better if the table was shifted the other way round i.e. first class mentality leading any big or small "institution". I couldn't agree more.

You see, when the court decided to allow men wearing like women, to me it shows how this people who has the last word didn't use God given brain. From now on, we women have to be super extremely cautious while in the public toilet or shower simply because it could be them 'men' among us! Yup! As if we women haven't had enough problems when it comes to women and the two mentioned places. Grrr!

Next, came the story of the 'gadis bertudung'. There was one news in particular relating to it which spread like wild fire on the social media. How can anyone made such ridiculous remarks?! Yennadeii! Since when we have different sets of rules for different group of people???

Latest was on the Rotan. Grrr! Should they proceed with the motion, then I have to be very very very careful.

While I am at it, it is important to highlight it here that it is not so much that Islam wanting to punish children with rotan. There are sequence of actions needed to be done prior to using the rotan. Bukan boleh main belasah je. And please erase all those blunt statement made by the group with the red beret. They are just going to misled people as much as the case for the Hudud law, where in my personal view, there has been very small number of effort in rectifying the misunderstanding among people in Malaysia on the matter. Sigh~  

So I have given some thoughts on the three issues.. trying very hard to find the rationale behind the decisions made besides them standing behind the so called 'human rights' flag and I came down with the following conclusions:

For case No 1: While I don't know what were the arguments that were used in the court, I personally think that the court have to be in favour with the decision because perhaps some people incited that if they go against the drag queen requests, this will directly affect the local film industry? Ntah..

For case No 2: Kipas-kipas all over and again somewhat linked to the film industry in Malaysia? Ntah..

For case No 3: Wanting to be under the limelight once in a life time? Ntah..


What ever the reasons maybe.. I just hope that we would not have to live to regret the decisions. Full stop!

Disclaimer: The opinion given is fully the author's and should not be associated with the organizations in which the author are linked to.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

My quick rant~

Not that I am promoting anything.. but you see, I have started to love the Aloe Vera gel thingy. While I was applying it onto my skin a while ago, just like that, the thought of "If only there is a product or magic pills that I could swallow that would make my heart pearly white, I would be the first to queue for it!"

That is of course.. if only~~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Think again...

2014 has been a difficult year for most Malaysians. If you are lucky, you might bump into ‘Visit Malaysia 2104’ advertisement in some places. Yes, 2014 was supposedly to be ‘the’ year for Malaysia.. where tourists would come into Malaysia, dumping bags of cash as they were enjoying what ‘truly Asia’ could offer them. Many events have been organized by independent as well as the Malaysian government-linked organizations to attract foreign tourists. Some were successful.. others have not been so attractive. Then again, it depends on how you define as 'successful'. For example, while some would say FMFA2014 or the KPOP sensation have generated expected income, I personally think them both as a disaster. It should have never been held in the first place.. even if there were no incidents. :-( 

Little did we, Malaysians, knew what were installed ahead of us. One after another. Things seem to be fallen apart in the year 2014. One could always view it from two sides of the same coin - either as ujian (test) or musibah (calamity). Even as I am typing this, we are praying for Pantai Timur.. The latest to join the bad news for the year 2014 was involving the Air Asia Indonesia flight. Innalillahiwainnailahi roji’un.

In Islam, when something happen to us, be it the good or the bad, we believe it has happened as preordained as stated in the six pillars of Iman – to believe in Qada’ and Qadar. By having this conviction, it is hope that hearts will be at peace.

Here's the thing. What I really wanted to share is this; a while ago, we have had a discussion on test VS calamity in one of the seatings. It was thrown at me how important it is to get 'it' right.

Take the flash flood in Kelantan case say for example. I’ve read a fair share of status on how they perceived the event took place as a calamity on Kelantanese. Some argued it was Allah's wrath for not implementing hudud while other said that it was because the Kelantanese chop of dozens of tree which led to the flood as a punishment to all of them. So was the flood truly is a 'calamity'?

Then there are also argument on what they believe as a great test on Kelantanese. The argument was simple - there are many 'good' people in Kelantan. Some says the flood comes to purify the hearts of the victims.

So which is which? Easy!~ 

All you have to remember is this - when something bad happened to others, try not to see it as them being PUNISHED. Why? Simply because we would never know the true reasons of things happened the way they are. Allah taught us;
O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful. - Surah Al-Hujurat verse 12
Yup.. lest should we berperasangka buruk. 

In the same surah, Al-Hujurat verse 11, Allah also said;
O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.
Yes, this is a reminder to most of us on the sad incident relating to the KPOP. As much as we hated what took place on that center stage, remember not to ridicule too much. Make doa that we ourselves would not be involved in such scene and forever be protected.

To 2015, your review shall come in early next year. Be good ya! ;-)