Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm Mr Parker..

It so happen, that while I was searching (plus shouting.. Tell you why in a short while) for a pen (Hehe.. it has always seems to me that all the pencils and pens in the world would hide themselves each time I wanted to use one) to write down some practice questions for Jia, I (..finally) got hold of a pen that was given by a family friend when I returned for good from Brisbane.

It was at the airport when they handed Yaby and I the paper bag. We only opened the bag once we reached home. Inside, were a tie and a pen.
Thanks Noreen and Achong :)
Here's the thing. While I was pretty much tempted to use the pen, it was only after I finally got the 'green light' official letter from UQ postgraduate office that I dare to take it out from its box. Yup! The thought of this-is-a-present-meant-for-a-phd kinda make me not wanting to feel bad if I had used it and turned out that I didn't get the scroll after all. 

Truth is.. after writing down what I wanted to give to Jia, I held up the pen and just like that, memories relating to 'pen' all came gushing down upon me (yes, I was at my balcony hanging out some clothes before my whole searching-for-a-pen adventure). Adeh~ masuk mode jiwang~ 

This is not the first pen I have received as a gift. The first was from Ummi and Daddy. It was the sort of pen that needs inking.. yup, a fountain pen. 

Even right before Ummi and Daddy gave me a pen, I knew I would be getting one since Chena and Chezel got one each before me. I only didn't know 'when'. In fact, the pen is one of the two most anticipated items which I wanted to get from both Ummi and Daddy besides - the analog with leather band watch! :-)

Come to think of it, I never asked Ummi and Daddy why we siblings were presented with the two items when we reached that 'certain' age.. Regardless of what may be the true reasons (if there are any la tapi :-P), to me, I have personally take the watch as a symbol of I-am-big-enough to make my own plans and making sure that I am keeping up with all the plans.. and that people can finally depend on me. 

As for the pen.. to me, it tells me that from now on, I have to really-really care for my actions. It is no longer as easy as to 'erase' mistakes that were done without leaving some stain as compared to when writing on a blank sheet using a pencil. When I held the pen for the first time, I also felt that I can make decisions of my own. A sense of independence I suppose. Hihihi.. SubhanAllah, rasa macam baru semalam dapat pen

Yup. That's how I've looked at it. The sad thing is, I've misplaced both of my first ever watch and the pen. :-(

Maybe there is a bigger significance linking us to a pen. In the Quran, Surah Al-Alaq, verse 1-5, Allah says;
"Recite in the name of your Lord who created - Created man from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous - Who taught by the pen -Taught man that which he knew not.
The once stood tall IIUM fountain

To Jia, Bahim and Fatihah, I guess it's your turn to wait to get a pen from Mi-mi and Ya-yah now. Hehehe ;-D