Monday, May 5, 2014

Another new Beginning~


Alhamdulillah.. Baby Fatihah was seven days old yesterday. Clearly, all Praise to Allah and I am forever thankful for this beautiful Gift You sent me.

Where do I begin.. If I have to summarize in one sentence about my experience of having Fatihah, it would be - it is somewhat different but equally beautiful! =)

For a start.. Fatihah decided to push my patience for another 8 extra days which led her to be the heaviest among all three siblings.

Fatihah's journey into this world begin on Sunday 3:45am. I was awaken by a contraction like sensation, went to the toilet and notice that there were some spottings. I knew at that moment that Fatihah will be 'out' anytime soon. The reason why I said this is because, prior to Sunday, I have had a regular contraction of every 15 minutes on Wednesday night. But it suddenly disappear came Athan Subuh.

After I solat Subuh, I woke Jia up, told her "Jia, we are going to the hospital now. The baby is coming out". Upon hearing that, she quickly sat up straight, smiling ear-to-ear and without having me to tell her what to do, got up and got ready to go to the hospital. Yaby took the job of waking Bahim up. Unlike his CheChe, Bahim was totally oblivious of the whole situation. =P

At about 7am, we made a move to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, since there were no one else to look after Jia and Bahim, they both got to enter the labour room. I could see that Bahim was still sleepy. Jia on the other hand was all excited.

By the time the midwives strapped me to the CTG scan device, my contractions were 7 minutes apart. The midwives later confirm that I was 3cm dilated. Based on my previous labour experiences, I requested that they break my water bag so that I could be in active labour. However, they told me that it is the hospital's policy that ONLY the Doctor can do it. When asked the whereabout of the Doctor, they told me that the Doctor had been informed about my situation but they couldn't really tell what time she would arrive.

Alhamdulillah, close to 8am, Mak and Ayah was the first to show up at the hospital. Yaby then filled in some paper work before getting a room so that we could place Jia and Bahim some where close and safe under the supervision of Atok and Nenek. Hehe.. 

Waiting for baby Fatihah
By 9:35am, since the Doctor had not arrived, I decided to message the Doctor asking her when she could come so that she could break my water bag. She replied to my whatsapp message telling me that she would come by at noon because she was having a tafsir class in the morning. To be honest, I was taken aback by her response. But because I can still stand the contractions, I decided to wait.

Allah is the best planner. At 10:30am, my Doctor walked into the labour room. She told me that her Ustaz had not arrived therefore she could come by early. She then broke my water bag. Five minutes later, I was 6cm dilated. Before the Doctor went out from the labour room, she reassured me that she would be around on standby.

After she left, I saw the midwives were getting ready to 'fix' me to some drip. When I asked them what it was, they mention a name which I didn't catch but the function is to make the contractions regular. At first, I declined but Yaby thought it was a great idea so that we could see baby Fatihah much sooner. And so I agreed.

Well.. if you asked us now, we are not so sure if it is a good idea after all. The reason for it is because, the moment I felt like pushing, the Doctor was not around. And guess what, there's the hospital's policy again... Sigh~

The midwives were telling me not to push the baby out although she said that 'yes, you are now fully dilated'. When asked why I could not push the baby, one of the midwives answered, 'nanti banyak paper kena isi'. It was quite a scene I would imagine. Yaby was asking again and again for the Doctor.. the midwife who was 'helding' the baby was telling the other midwife to call for the Doctor.. I was telling the midwife not to stop me from pushing since I could feel the baby close to the 'door' already... :-|

I knew it might have lasted for about 15 minutes because at one point, Yaby yelled at the midwives "Dah 15 minute dah ni. Apa punya hospital tak bagi baby keluar. Mana Doctor?" before kissing my forehead. It was then the Doctor came rushing in. Just soon after what seems to me like the longest 'push' ever, I saw Fatihah was held hanging by her left leg and her little cries filled the room together with Yaby's Athan. It was a beautiful sound altogether.

Everything was over before 11:30am on 27th Jamadilakhir 1435. 

Fatihah bt Yasir

Another special thing that I can share from this labour experience besides having Fatihah is that it renews my conviction of "You (Alone) we worship, and you (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything) - Quran, Surah Al-Fatihah, verse 5". Indeed His promise is true. Thank you to all of you who have made Doa for me and baby Fatihah. May Allah reward you more! :)