Friday, April 25, 2014

Walking on different clouds...

Today is my fifth day home alone doing everything I want to without having to worry about anything except for this baby in me. Hehe.. Yup.. she's still in 'there'. Taking her sweet time unlike Jia and Bahim whom both screaming for their first time ever into this world at 37 weeks. My gynae and I were positive that this baby will follow her other siblings pattern. Turn out, we are wrong. I guess that's life - it's filled with uncertainties.

Almost two years ago, I was marking students' mid-terms when I received a call from someone I didn't know. Of course I knew Dr F now and may Allah bless him and his family. That phone call was how it all started.. I was walking on different clouds. Have I ever thought that I would take that path? My answer is a clear cut 'NOPE'. That proves just how uncertain and unpredictable life is.

I have thought of writing this post on my last day. But as usual.. writing needs mood kan? Chewah~ Hence, the delay. Hehehe..

I remember the time when it was confirmed that I shall be joining the new team. I couldn't think straight for days. One of my main concerns was 'me being me'.  If you have met me before and spent some time chatting with me, I guess you'll understand why it is a HUGE problem for me :-P. Later, I went to seek for advice from people whom I trust. Alhamdulillah talking to these wonderful people kinda prepped me up a little bit.. but of course, I was still super nervous and didn't know what to expect. 

That said, these are all in the past now. As of 18th April 2014, I want to believe that I have managed to surpass my anxiety. And more importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity. I believe that everything must have happen for a reason. The beginning of the journey was REALLY REALLY tough, but Alhamdulillah, turns out the ending IS VERY VERY sweet - professionally and personally for me~ 

All I want to share from my sweet journey which I had on these clouds are:
Where ever you are and what ever you are doing, be yourself, hold strong to your principle, have faith that you are not alone and whatever you do, always remind yourself of the true intention i.e. to gain blessing from Him alone. Also remember that you can never pleases everyone. Some times, you will have to say what others don't like to hear and making decisions can be challenging knowing that there will always be two end of the rope - one in which people will favour you while the other people will just going to hate you. That's why you will need His constant guidance. :-)
Before I end this entry, allow me to dedicate a few words to three special ladies whom have touched me the most while I was there: 
To Mdm A, I see you as the backbone of the office. May Allah continue to give you the strength facing the everyday battle and of course the wisdom in making the best decisions for the office. Thank you also for the trust you've given me. You will surely be missed. 
To I, I pray that you will continue to secure that great working momentum. The new office that takes you in should be thankful that they have got a talented person like you. Thank you for the love hate relationship that's going on between us. Hehehe.. May Allah bless you.  
To K, I pray that you will continue to grow. You are a strong lady and I hope you realised that. Little S is lucky to have you as her mother. All the best pursuing your ambitions. Trust me when I say you have the drive. You can go far if you want to. Thanks for the cookies and love! May Allah continue guiding you. Muahx!
To the rest of the team, thank you for the memories. You guys Rock! XOXO