Monday, March 17, 2014

Are we so blind?

If you have watched or read before the story of Lemony Snicket – Series of unfortunate events.. you might be able to get some ideas on how most Malaysians are facing right now. It started off with the worst flood ever to hit East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia followed by the extreme hot weather which led to water ration in some parts of Selangor. Soon after, we were surprised by the news of the ‘hijacked’ MH370 and later come April, the GST will be implemented. Oh, and I should have not missed out the Future Music Festival Asia 2014 (#FMFA14) as one the series of unfortunate events.

It is true.. if it wasn’t because of the news of the 6 who were found dead during the event, I would not know that such event is held here in Malaysia. AND that it is not the first time! Of the 6 names released, 4 pretty much sounds like Malay names which are supposedly to be Muslims. :-(

As I am typing this.. I am having these mixed feelings. Most of them are geram and sakit hati. How could the Malaysian government allowed such event to take place??! I’m quite sure this type of event is SPONSORED hugely, funded and generating millions (Yes! There's the EXPENSIVE entrance fee)! That is why they are having it again and again and again!!! 

What is this?! Membuka pintu maksiat. Alcohol! Drug abuse! And there’s a lot more to say when men and women are together in a place like that.. dressed in such a way macam tak cukup kain dah! It's like we don’t have enough problems already?! Geram nya.. rasa nak nangis pun ada.

What is becoming of our youth today? Ya Allah.. Nauzubillah hi minzalik.. :-(

Just recently, Malaysia becomes a laughing stock for the whole world when a Tok Bomoh and his team presented a ritual to locate the missing MH370. Now, I am extremely malu after knowing that an event which I have only associated with 'overseas' culture is here in my home country – the so called Negara Islam. Called me na├»ve, I don’t mind. But I want to believe that we would never allow an open event like that to be held in the first place. Itu mengundang bala namanya. Grrrr~

I pity the parents and the families of the deceased.  I pity the Muslim police officers that were stationed to ‘take care’ of the event.  In fact I pity any Muslims that were INDIRECTLY involved with FMFA.

Shame on you organizer!

p/s: Maaf.. ter-emo sangat-sangat for this post. As a parent, how could I not be worried after reading all these articles related to the event. :-(

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Re-post: Care...

I was cooking curry for lunch when i heard the "earth song" by Michael Jackson. When it come to the part;

"What have we done to the world 
look what we've done 
what about all the peace 
that you pledge your only son... "

You can imagine how those words struck my heart. Yesterday while I was enjoying myself, many were killed. Young children became orphans, parents lost their children, and buildings were destroyed. Here (and I’m sure the same thing in Malaysia), almost all news highlights on the war going on in Middle East. Yes, it is not new to most of us as it has occurred almost ever since or even before I care to read the newspaper. But how many of us care to make prayer for all the innocent people safety. It won't take much of your time to do it. So please, please... make a prayer for... you-know-what. Do you?